The second-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is bursting with power, storage and new features. This is a fully-loaded smart TV stick experience at a price which won’t break the bank.

This Christmas we’re highlighting Amazon devices’ newest features that strive towards giving every user a first-rate digital experience, promoting digital access and inclusion for those with disabilities.

Introduced during Amazon’s Autumn event, it’s the most powerful Fire TV Stick ever, so if you’re looking to supercharge your current television with slick streaming, Alexa and an impressive always-on ambient mode, then look no further.

Power play thanks to 2.0Gz quad-core processor

There’s never been more power inside a Fire TV Stick than there is in the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. This range-topping stick boasts a 2.0GHz quad-core processor, which delivers significant speed improvements during setup, app load and navigation.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max from Amazon

We easily scrolled through menus and enjoyed the fast app loading as we looked for something to watch. In fact, the experience was better than the built-in interface on our TV and we were able to dive into the iPlayer app and start watching BBC One live in next to no time. In short, you’re getting a premium experience at a less-than premium price point.

Wi-Fi 6E = less waiting, more watching

Coupled with the improved app load and navigation performance, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max also supports superfast internet speeds. With Wi-Fi 6E compatibility built in, you’ll go from switch-on to streaming in no time. You’ll need to check your router is 6E compatible to take advantage of the quickest internet speeds, and if it is you’ll enjoy lower latency, less buffering and hardly having to wait for content to load - including the wealth of stunning 4K Ultra HD content available on the device.

Opening the Prime Video app and choosing The Man with the Golden Gun to watch, saw the classic Bond flick start playing almost instantly. So make sure you have your popcorn ready before pressing play.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max in a dark living room

Space for all your apps and games with 16GB of storage

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is an excellent choice for anyone who really wants to maximise everything the device has to offer. With a sizable 16GB of storage, you’ll have no trouble downloading the apps you want.

And remember, it’s not just video streaming apps which are available. Head to the app library and you’ll be greeted with numerous options including music streaming (e.g. Prime Music and BBC Sounds) and games - ensuring there’s plenty to keep everyone in the house entertained.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick allows for an excellent streaming experience at a reasonable price.

Awaken the Ambient Experience

Exclusive to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is Ambient Experience. This mode turns your TV into an always-on display, complete with stunning backgrounds with the Dynamic Art feature and handy widgets.

There are eight widgets to choose from and our top picks are the ‘Smart Home Favourites’ which gives us quick access to connected devices around our home such as smart lights - and Sticky Notes. The latter gives you digital sticky notes so you can leave yourself reminders, or add items to a shopping list.

What’s more, you can ask Alexa to expand widgets to get more information, and more widgets will be added in the future, making Ambient Experience even more useful.

The user interface on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Need something to watch? Just ask Alexa

Alexa gets its own dedicated button on the remote bundled with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, allowing you to quickly and easily make a voice request.

Using your voice to control your TV may not feel natural at first. The more you use and experiment with Alexa, the more you’ll find it’s actually a quicker way to get to the content you want, and get answers to pretty much any question which may pop into your head.

As well as the remote, you also get the batteries for it included in the box. The tactility of the buttons provides reassuring feedback, and the response is excellent with instant results to your inputs on-screen.

Something else we like here is the power button, which doesn’t just turn the stick off, but your actual TV. It means you can tuck the original remote for your TV into a drawer, and just use the Fire TV remote if the stick delivers everything you want.

For more on using the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, you can read our handy guide.