As the nation gears up to the clocks going forward this weekend, Amazon’s Alexa is on hand to help Brits’ morning routines run smoothly.

Over the past year, our morning routines have changed – so it’s no wonder that 39% of Brits say they’ve been enjoying more time before starting their working day, according to new research from Amazon Alexa.

With the average Brit having to complete 10 different tasks before work, our mornings are jam-packed – and that’s without the morning commute to navigate. This leads to multi-tasking, with over one in five (21%) of Brits eating breakfast and listening to the news at the same time.

The research also revealed that a third (33%) of Brits would love to simplify their busy mornings with a machine to help prepare breakfast, whilst 28% would want to automate their morning cup of tea or coffee.

Luckily, Alexa is on hand to help simplify morning routines and save time, with a simple voice command able to trigger up to 99 actions in a Routine – from turning on your bedroom lights to boiling the kettle. To bring to life the magic of Alexa Routines, Amazon has created a Rube Goldberg-inspired machine. This chain reaction-type contraption is designed to perform tasks in an overly complicated way.

The Alexa Morning Routine Machine shows how a complicated set of actions can be simplified with Alexa. We hope it brings some joy, as well as more time, to customers.
Dennis Stansbury, Alexa UK & Ireland Country Manager

The machine – made from household items – moves through the house as Alexa navigates four specific moments during a typical morning routine including turning on the bedroom lights, playing the radio, turning on the coffee machine and tuning into a workout on Fire TV. The contraption was made up of 543 parts (including 80 dominoes) of which 327 were moving parts.

Rube Goldberg-inspired machine blueprint
Blueprint guide for creating a Rube Goldberg-inspired machine

Eric King, Director of Alexa Europe, said: “Alexa is on hand to help busy households run more smoothly. We hope that customers enjoy creating bespoke Routines to help them save time by setting alarms, reminders and switching on the lights with one simple voice request.”

“When the clocks go forward, we lose not only a precious hour of sleep, but also time to get ready for the day,” adds Dennis Stansbury, Alexa UK & Ireland Country Manager. “The Alexa Morning Routine Machine shows how a complicated set of actions can be simplified with Alexa. We hope it brings some joy, as well as more time, to customers.”

Fancy creating your own Rube Goldberg-inspired machine? Download our handy blueprints guide to get involved today!

To find out more, check out our full-length Amazon Alexa Morning Routine video.

How to set up Alexa Routines

To set up Routines, use the Alexa app:

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Open More and select Routines
  3. Select Plus
  4. Select When this happens, and follow the steps in the app to choose what starts your routine
  5. Select Add action, and follow the steps in the app to choose the action of your routine. You can have multiple actions for the same routine. You can also select Customised to type in what you would ask Alexa to do
  6. Select save

You can also share your Routines with others using a link or QR code in the Alexa app.

The Alexa Routine shown in the video requires Amazon Alexa devices, compatible smart home devices and plugs and an internet connection. Device sequences in the video have been simulated.

The machine was made from reusable and recyclable household items where possible. We have donated parts of the machine to local community projects, schools and charities in Brighton and Hove, where the machine was created.

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