As we draw closer to Bonfire Night, Amazon has worked with a music composer and cat expert Anita Kelsey to commission an all-new piece of music designed to relax cats on what can be a particularly stressful night for them – available exclusively through Alexa-enabled devices.

With the loud bangs and roaring crowds leaving cats and dogs cowering in the corner on Bonfire Night, it’s a distressing time for four legged friends which can also really worry pet owners. Luckily Alexa is now on-hand with bespoke music which can help alleviate stress for cats and owners alike.

I’m excited to be working with Amazon to offer pet guardians different ways to help their cats, as it’s so important to prioritise their wellbeing.
Anita Kelsey
Feline behaviourist & author of ‘Let’s Talk About Cats’

The specially composed music for cats, which was created following scientific research showcasing that cats prefer species-approporiate music, is accessible by simply saying “Alexa, help my cat relax”, which will then prompt the track to play and help put furry companions at.


It’s not just cats who are adversely affected by fireworks. Alexa is also on hand to help dogs, who can start relaxing music for themselves by simply barking. A new Alexa Shared Routine, ‘Press Paws’, allows dogs to calm themselves by trigerring a routine using sound detection. Once the routine, here, is enabled, Alexa will play the ‘Classical for Dogs’ playlist, available for Amazon Music customers - including Prime members, and Amazon Music Unlimited customers.

“Bonfire Night is an exciting time for humans, but for many pets, including cats, it can be frightening and stressful,” said Anita Kelsey, feline behaviourist & author of ‘Let’s Talk About Cats’. “Recent scientific research has shown that certain music can relax animals, with cats responding positively to more specific tones and frequencies. Music, such as the track available for cats exclusively through Alexa, is specifically designed to calm cats and help keep them at ease during what can be a stressful evening. I’m excited to be working with Amazon to offer pet guardians different ways to help their cats, as it’s so important to prioritise their wellbeing.”

“We’re very pleased to have worked with a composer and Anita to create this special track designed specifically to help relax your cats this Bonfire Night,” said Dennis Stansbury, Alexa UK & Ireland Country Manager. “We all have to do our bit to ensure pets are kept safe as we know it can be a stressful time for them. It’s great that Alexa, and our other devices like Ring, can help.”


Whilst the zen tones of Alexa’s soothing new tune have been composed for cats – Anita has also shared top tips on how to help all pets stay calm:

How to keep your pets relaxed from anita kelsey, feline behaviourist and author of ‘Let’s talk about cats’

  • Create a relaxing environment: Music can reduce the sudden impact of firework sounds. Simply ask “Alexa, help my cat relax” or “Alexa, help my dog relax” to mask the sounds of fireworks. You can access both features, and much more, through the Alexa app.
  • Keep your energy calm: Our pets look to us for reassurance and so our voices and facial expressions should remain calm as we sit quietly with them telling them there is nothing to worry about, giving them a stroke to also reassure.
  • Close the curtains to shut out any sudden flashes, especially if your neighbours are setting off fireworks in their garden. It isn’t just the noise of fireworks that is frightening, but the flashes of light that infiltrate the home.
  • Keep your pets in: As we know, fireworks can be let off in private gardens on bonfire night, as well as in public spaces, so it’s safer to keep your pet in so that they can hide if they need to. In the home they will be able to feel safe and secure, helping you to relax in the knowledge they are safe too.
  • Create a hiding place: Ensure your pet has a place they can retreat to, such as a covered basket or a cardboard box in a quite area - under the bed or in their favourite cupboard. Allow them to stay there and choose when to venture out but go to them with a tasty treat and see if they will eat one from your hand. There’s nothing like a positive association to help with any phobias connected to bangs, whizzes and the bright lights that Bonfire Night brings.
  • Comfort your pet through smart devices: You can use the Two-Way Talk feature on your Ring Indoor Cam or Stick Up Cam to check in and use your Alexa app to control your smart home such as turning on lights. Whilst it isn’t advised to leave pets alone – this is a good option in case you need to leave the house briefly.

“Alexa, help my cat relax” is available to start relaxing cats from today.

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