It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the perfect excuse to treat your Secret Santa to a gift they’ll love this Christmas. Secret Santa gifts are fun and not meant to be taken too seriously, unlike some of the other gifts for people on your list!

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you need a little inspiration, we’ve got the perfect Secret Santa gift guide for your budget. Take a look at our top picks for friends, family, in-laws and work colleagues. Best of all, all gifts on this list are under a very budget-friendly £20.

Secret Santa gifts for work colleagues & friends

Neom Scented Candle

An image of a Neom scented candle

Everyone loves a scented candle and this Neom travel-sized number is an ideal stocking filler for anyone on your list. This candle is a fail-safe gift for the colleague that you're still getting to know, the friend you do, and everyone else in between.

The Curious Bartender: Cocktail Recipe Book

The cover of the Cocktail Recipe book

Who can honestly say they know how to make the perfect Old Fashioned? This neat tome of cocktail recipes will bring an element of fun and creativity to Christmas and will be a bookshelf staple for years to come.

Personalised Chopping Board

A personalised chopping board that says 'Richard's Cheese Co.'

This thoughtful gift is ideal for the co-worker always talking about their next recipe! Choose your message and the team at Howson London will laser-engrave it onto hard-wearing oak, for a personalised gift that any chef will love. Also, check out their personalised Christmas decorations, another sweet gift idea!

Secret Santa gifts for family

The Chameleon

The Chameleon boardgame box

Experience the thrill of racing against time with this fast-paced family board game, as players strive to capture the hidden Chameleon. Employ hidden codes, skillful word choices, and a touch of strategic finger-pointing to uncover who the Chameleon is before they camouflage and disappear! This award-winning board game is also Climate Pledge Friendly, and includes a version with reduced packaging.

Magnetic Stones Game

An image of the magnetic game described

While this game may look innocent, it’s anything but. A simple concept of placing magnets inside a circle, the challenge steadily increases as more magnets are added, making it a logistical challenge that the whole family will be able to enjoy. Prepare for chaos - this is guaranteed to bring out the more competitive side of your Christmas table.

1000-piece Gradient Puzzle

A puzzle box with a gradient colour on it

Are there a couple of professional puzzlers in your family? Give them a real challenge this Christmas with this 1000-piece abstract puzzle, requiring keen eyes and puzzling skills. This gorgeously colourful puzzle is expertly made using vegetable based inks and sustainably sourced FSC paper and cardboard, and is also Climate Pledge Friendly.

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