At Amazon, we believe that the most meaningful inventions are the ones that empower others. We love it when we find a new way to better serve customers and create opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

We are excited to introduce Amazon Flex in the UK. Amazon Flex is a programme, launched last year in the U.S., offering individuals the opportunity to make great earnings working on their schedule to deliver Amazon packages with an easy-to use mobile app and their own vehicle. Amazon Flex is already popular with thousands of delivery partners in the U.S. who are already taking advantage of this new programme to supplement their incomes.

We are in starting in the UK with a small scale launch in the Birmingham area. People who want to make deliveries through Amazon Flex can earn £12 to £15 an hour, when and where they want (subject to availability).

Britain has a hugely entrepreneurial spirit, and we think there will be lots of people interested in earning extra money by delivering Amazon parcels in their spare time, boosting local participation in the economy. In fact, research from the Centre for Economic and Business Research shows that of the nearly 9 million people in the UK who aren’t currently active in the economy, 68% would be inclined to start working if given the opportunity to do so flexibly on a schedule of their choice.

We’re excited to launch this newest innovation in the UK – both for the selection and delivery speeds it will offer our customers, and the new opportunities it offers for individuals. Check out

P.S. Of course, for those who want to work more regular hours, Amazon is hiring thousands of people at our fulfilment centres, customer service centres, research and development centres and corporate offices across the UK [click here for information].