With millions of fans on social media, Fin Draper, is famed for his memorable and catchy remixes, which are produced using unique objects instead of instruments including pint glasses, wooden spoons, drumsticks strapped to his shoes, and even a toaster. We were delighted when Fin said yes to our request to turn one of our largest fulfilment centres into his very own music studio for the day. Fin joined us in Dartford to source an array of unique Amazon delivery inspired sounds for this one-off track.

TikTok star Fin Draper at the Amazon fulfilment centre in Dartford, UK

Fin has created the bespoke track by piecing together an eclectic array of sounds, capturing the buzz of our daily operations by using different equipment, material, and technology, from the beep of the scanners and boxes moving on the conveyor belts to the tapping of envelopes and tearing of tape. The musical maestro even found inspiration on the rooftop of our fulfilment centre in Dartford, Kent, UK, which is the largest solar roof installation of any Amazon site in Europe.

To bring the journey of the Amazon package to life, the track also weaves in sounds from Fin’s home studio setting, featuring drumming and some of his famous make-shift instruments, all culminating in the ceremonious delivery and unboxing of the parcel to create Amazon’s first ever original Black Friday music track.

Of the experience, Fin said: “It was brilliant being at the Amazon fulfilment centre to create a track using objects from around the warehouse for Black Friday. I never thought about how much actually went on behind the scenes and it was fascinating to see the harmony of people and technology working so closely together. There are so many working parts and natural rhythm within the machinery, which is really cool. Being here it sort of blows my mind seeing the journey of an Amazon order - so this is my homage to that.”

Behind the Scenes

The UK fulfilment centre where filming took place is one of Amazon’s largest and newest fulfilment centres in Europe. LCY3 in Dartford has already helped prepare and ship millions of items to homes across the UK and Europe. Since it is the fulfilment centre’s busiest time of year, we made sure that all filming took place when day-to-day operations were least busy.

Nick Stiles, Manager at LCY3 in Dartford, said: “It is such an exciting time, with our colleagues preparing for our first Black Friday at our brand-new site. We’re thrilled that the everyday sights and, most importantly, sounds of our fulfilment centre have inspired Fin’s Black Friday track – and we can’t wait for people to see how he’s used the equipment, material and technology to create such a unique and fun track.”

Black Friday Deals

The original Black Friday music track has been launched to celebrate the beginning of Amazon’s Black Friday Week, which kicked off on Friday 19th November and runs until Monday 29th November. This year, Black Friday Week will include a 48-hour Black Friday event, which starts on Thursday 25th November, and will offer more deals than ever before globally. Customers will be able to shop incredible deals with discounts on top products and must-have items from new gadgets and electronics, to kid-favorite toys and baby essentials; must-have home and kitchen items, and more.

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