At Amazon, we’re always focused on how we can innovate to help make our customers’ lives a little easier. It’s this approach that led us to launch the Amazon Insurance Store aimed at offering customers a simple and convenient way to shop for home insurance.

Buying home insurance is often a daunting and time-consuming task. There are many things for customers to consider when selecting a policy which can make it even more difficult to choose. The process itself can also be confusing with a lengthy list of questions and overwhelming options when it comes to what coverage best meets your needs.

Partnering with top UK insurance providers

We have carefully selected insurance providers using a number of criteria, including the ability to meet a standard level of cover, time frames for claims handling and resolution, and delivering on Amazon's high bar for customer service.

Our UK partners include four well-known insurers including Ageas, Co-op, and LV who we launched with in October 2022, and Policy Expert, who joined us this month. All of these insurers offer policies that meet the Amazon Standard of Cover, which ensures the policies will cover some of the most commonly made home insurance claims.

 Anytime we create a new product or service, we realise we have a lot of learning to do. We look forward to continuing to listen to our customers and bettering our understanding of what they are looking for when they make a choice about where to purchase home insurance.

Using the Amazon Insurance Store

To purchase a home insurance policy through the Amazon Insurance Store, customers must have an Amazon UK account.

Customers are required to fill out a short questionnaire in order to request quotes. They can then compare the quotes that are provided and further personalise their policy. Post-purchase, customers can view their policies, change their payment method, and view renewal information all on

Customers who make a qualifying purchase of a home insurance policy through the Amazon Insurance Store will receive a £10 gift card. 

Visit the Amazon Insurance Store.