Explore the features that are available on your devices or through your Amazon Kids account that you can use together. Then, find tips on how to make that time meaningful.

How Alexa can enhance family time

Using your Echo devices as a part of family time can help foster meaningful connections and create lasting memories. From playing games to learning together, Amazon Kids on Alexa can play a part in quality family time.

Create art and laughter

Parents can use the Amazon Kids Parent Dashboard interface to play with their children. There are different Alexa Kids games you can use to give your family space to bond through the power of creativity. For example, Sketch n Guess is a fun and interactive drawing game, available on Amazon Kids+ on Tablet and Mobile, that allows family members of all ages to take turns drawing and guessing words or phrases.

The game encourages laughter and silliness, which is a perfect way to spend the evening or pass the time while dinner cooks. Children can then draw something on their Fire Kids tablet and send it to their parents’ smartphone. This way they can guess what it is.

Create your own dance party

Play music from your favourite streaming service on your Echo device then take turns playing songs you can dance and sing to. Amazon Kids has explicit lyrics filter on by default. Whether you’re getting ready for the day or putting aside time to get active, you can ask Alexa to set the tone.

To play a song, simply say ‘Alexa, play [song title] by [artist]’. You can also ask Alexa to play through playlists for ongoing music.

Challenge each other’s knowledge

Whether you’re exploring the Game of the Week or playing a quiz of your choice, you can encourage healthy competition by using your Echo device. Explore a range of skills available with Amazon Kids+ here.

Compete against family members to see who knows the most general knowledge, facts about the wizarding world, animal trivia and more. Search for skills in your Alexa app by going to More > Skills & Games > search for the skill.

An Amazon Echo on a library table next to a dictionary and letter cards.

How to practise digital well-being

While your Amazon Echo can provide opportunities for quality family time, it can also help you manage your family’s digital well-being.

Set digital boundaries

Using Amazon Kids, you can set boundaries for your child’s digital use. After creating a Digital Family Agreement like this one from Internet Matters, you can use your Echo to set alarms or timers while they play their favourite game or watch their favourite streamer.

With Amazon Kids+, there are a range of character alarms to help personalise the timer to your child’s interests. It will help your child regulate their time and prepare them for transitions, meaning fewer arguments and a lot more ownership on their screen time.

Get advice and support

Amazon Echo devices offer plenty of guidance and information on supporting your child’s digital well-being. From online safety advice to information on their favourite video game or app, Alexa can provide guidance to support your family’s online life.

Ask questions like ‘Alexa, how do I keep my child safe on [app]?’ or ‘Alexa, what is [topic]?’ You’ll often find useful tips or resources to learn more so you’ll know how you can support your child’s safety and well-being online.

Parents can also use Amazon Storytime to enrich their child's morning and bedtime routines. Kids can choose between different categories or simply spin the magic story wheel for a surprise set of stories. Once a set is selected, kids can enjoy professionally narrated stories which are usually 5 to 10 minutes long.

Whether you’re short on time or have a day you need to fill with activities, your Echo device can support meaningful bonding as a family through Amazon Kids and a variety of available Kid Skills. Search for and learn about available skills here or through your Alexa app.

Check out more resources at Internet Matters and our Family Digital Well-Being Hub.