Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality is a new experience offered by invitation to hoteliers, holiday rental communities and other hospitality providers such as sporting venues, which brings the simplicity and convenience of Alexa to the hospitality industry. Using an Echo Device, in their room, guests can now ask Alexa for information tailored to the venue, contact the hotel to request guest services, play music in their room and much more.

For hotels, Alexa Smart Properties helps deepen guest engagement through seamless voice-first experiences that offer new ways for guests to access services and amenities during their stay. Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality is available to hospitality providers by invitation, with Hotel Mercure, part of Accor, introducing the new Alexa experience at select properties in collaboration with Hotel Cloud.

Alexa For Hospitality
Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality is available to hospitality providers by invitation.

“Customers tell us they love how easy it is to get information, enjoy entertainment, and control connected devices by simply asking Alexa, and we want to offer those experiences everywhere customers want them,” said Eric King, General Manager, Amazon Alexa Europe. "Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality makes your hotel stay a little more like being at home and gives hospitality providers new ways to create memorable stays for their guests.”

“Alexa Smart Properties has brought a lot of excitement to all the team members at Mercure Hyde Park, especially during Covid-19 where staffing levels are strained,” said Edward Wilcock, Director of Revenue, Mercure Hyde Park. “Alexa arrived at the perfect time to help our teams by answering many of the common guest queries, along with the potential to increase room service revenue, simply due to the convenience provided by Alexa for ordering hotel services.

“One unexpected yet welcome gain has been the improvement in efficiency throughout the property. Housekeeping and maintenance staff can tell Alexa when they’ve cleaned or fixed a room, which immediately updates the property management system. This saves a significant amount of time and rooms are turned around and ready for new guests much faster.”

“Alexa for Smart Properties allows us to introduce a new level of service to our customers, using technology which many are already familiar with. For the first time, guests have access to a number of voice activated services delivered directly to their box, including ordering food and beverages, general assistance, requesting information about Ascot including race times, shopping from the gift store and even asking a staff member to come and take a bet,” said George Vaughan, Head of Technology at Ascot Racecourse. “It feels like a very natural process and the feedback from our customers so far has been uniformly positive.”

An enjoyable guest stay with Alexa

Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality Launches in Europe

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With Alexa Smart Properties, hospitality providers can enable and customise a range of voice-first features based on their guests’ needs. Alexa can also be configured by hospitality providers to allow guests to control and adjust in-room devices like lights, thermostats, blinds, and TVs to their individual preferences or ask Alexa to play music from popular services including Global Player and TuneIn. Guests can also be given access from thousands of skills in the Alexa skills store to check airport wait times, play games, get in a quick guided workout, play sleep sounds to help them fall asleep, and more.

For those language-savvy guests that are searching for the right word, Alexa can also be used to translate individual words or sentences. Alexa can translate a word or phrase into any of the 50+ supported languages. Just say, “Alexa, how do I say ‘apple’ in Portuguese?”, for example, and Alexa will respond.

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