Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan star in this highly anticipated series based on the best-selling popular video game franchise, ‘Fallout’.

The legendary video game series began when the first game - Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game – was released by Black Isle Studios in 1997. The satirical, play-driven story and post-war “atompunk” style garnered critical acclaim at the time, and Fallout eventually grew into a franchise with over ten games and now even a TV series, available on Prime Video.

Luckily for Fallout fans and Prime subscribers, a number of Fallout games have just been added to Amazon Luna’s roster of curated games, and are available until October 10th, 2024.

Amazon Luna offers a curated selection of games that you can play on the go, on the couch, or anywhere else you have an internet connection and controller. The cloud gaming platform first launched in the United States in 2022, and is now available to customers in the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

Which Fallout games are available on Amazon Luna?

Fallout 3 is a modern-gaming classic, following the journey of the Lone Wanderer – a Vault 101-dweller exiled into the radioactive Capital Wasteland around Washington, D.C. The game launched Fallout into the mainstream gaming world, selling millions of copies and winning several Game of the Year awards when it was released.

Fallout: New Vegas takes place four years after the events of Fallout 3 - this time dropping players into the middle of the irradiated Mojave Desert to discover the titular city of New Vegas, built in the old-world ruins of Las Vegas. The game’s twisting questlines and introduction of a reputation system has resulted in hall-of-fame status and a cult following years after its release.

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Aaron Moten as Maximus in the Fallout show, available on Prime Video

A broad selection of gaming opportunities

Luna offers a selection of games to choose from for different types of gamers. Whether it’s casual games, retro classics, or AAA titles, there is always something interesting to play. Prime members can play a rotating selection of games at no additional cost and the separate Luna+ subscription is always adding more titles.

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