Safety is always a top priority for Amazon, for our Delivery Service Partners, the drivers they engage and the communities they serve. Our goal is to build the safest, most efficient, and most sustainable transportation fleet in the world. We’ve already invested hundreds of millions into inventing new tools and technologies for delivery vehicles and over the next three years, we will invest millions in a camera-based safety technology that will provide alerts and tips on safe driving for the drivers who work with our Delivery Service Partners.

The introduction of this new technology follows a successful deployment in the U.S. which saw a 48% decrease in accidents. Since introducing the technology in the U.S., we’ve also seen improved on-road driving standards, such as: stop sign and signal violations decreasing 77%; unsafe following distance decreasing 50%; driving without a seatbelt decreasing 60%, and distracted driving falling by 75%.

The safety of van drivers and other road users is of paramount importance and the use of technology is a key tool in maintaining road safety for anyone operating a fleet.
Mags Simpson
Head of Policy Engagement at Logistics UK

New research shows technology makes professional drivers feel safer as they go about their work. The study of UK HGV and van drivers across the industry revealed 71% already use telematics in their vehicles and 80% use dashcams or rearview cameras. 97% said these technological advancements made them feel safer when carrying out their work. When presented with technology that uses a combination of cameras and other features to provide safety feedback, 93% of drivers said this technology would make them feel safer when performing their job.

The safety technology uses two cameras – one looking out onto the road ahead and a second that is cabin-facing. It sends in-cabin automatic voice alerts to the driver while on road, as well as tips via an App that helps the driver improve on-road safety and prevent accidents. This includes ensuring the driver is wearing a seatbelt and alerting them when distracted driving, hard braking, stop sign violation or speeding occurs. Further safety options include a feature where a driver can trigger a video recording if they feel unsafe or threatened while on the road.

Mags Simpson, Head of Policy Engagement at Logistics UK, said: “The safety of van drivers and other road users is of paramount importance and the use of technology is a key tool in maintaining road safety for anyone operating a fleet.”

As well as being committed to road safety, Amazon is also focused on protecting the privacy of all drivers – a top priority in how the technology was designed. There is no live video feed available to anyone, and the technology cannot capture sound, so no one can listen to in-cabin conversations at any time. Cameras will automatically switch off when the vehicle’s ignition is off. If the ignition is on but the vehicle is stationary for more than 30 seconds, ‘Privacy Mode’ is enabled and the cabin-facing camera switches off.

Jessica C., a U.S. driver who was pleased when the technology rolled out in her region said: “When it comes down to it, this technology is all about safety and being an overall better driver for myself and others around me. At the end of the day, my driving is not only about me, it’s about my safety and the safety of others.”

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