We’re here to make a difference in the world, in a way unique to Amazon. With a culture built around solving “impossible” problems, we take a different, more hands-on approach to what is traditionally known as corporate philanthropy. We know that money is important, but we believe our true superpower is not found in the cheques we write. Rather, we prefer to dive deep and work side-by-side community partners to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Our priorities

We select a small number of priority areas to focus on, yet we remain nimble and respond to emergent needs when we are uniquely able to make a positive impact. The common thread through all of our work is a focus on those who are underserved and underrepresented because we envision a world that embraces diverse perspectives and recognise the importance of an equitable society.

Right Now Needs

  • We are driven by the belief that no family should have to make trade-offs to meet basic human needs. Through partnerships with NHS Charities Together, British Red Cross, Magic Breakfast, In Kind Direct and Barnardos, we seek to eliminate the impossible choices between food and rent, healthcare or school supplies, and partner with organizations who share our commitment. We also make a select number of hyper-local grants to charities and organisations which operate close to where our employees live and work. We're also supporting a number of UK charities through the current COVID-19 pandemic with community donations.

STEM Education

  • We envision a company—and an industry—representative of the diverse communities in which we operate. Through our signature Amazon Future Engineer programme, we seek to inspire, educate and enable one million students from low-income backgrounds to pursue careers in technology or other jobs of the future. We have also teamed up with education bodies to launch Maths4All, an online storefront providing free, curriculum linked maths resources.

Disaster Relief

  • There is no more immediate need than when disaster strikes. With the speed, creativity and reach unique to Amazon, we mobilise large-scale responses to catastrophic events around the globe. Through our Disaster Relief by Amazon programme, we bring direct relief to those who’ve been affected by natural disasters, providing product, logistics and ingenuity—with the goal of making their lives better than they were before.

Amazon aligns with your mission

Businesses across Amazon invest in the non-profit community. Explore these links to learn about how our businesses are supporting charities, building programmes and increasing social impact: Amazon Smile, Amazon Pay, Amazon Advertising, and AWS Non-profit Programs.

If you are looking to find out more about Amazon in the community, contact us.