We’re delighted to report that Amazon made product donations to In Kind Direct last year, which totalled an estimated retail value of £1 million.

These goods were distributed to 1,808 charitable organisations in regions across the UK, including household products, clothing, stationery, home improvements products, electronics and toys.

In Kind Direct charity image of child playing with lego

The organisations accessing these product donations address a huge range of issues, from emergency relief and animal welfare to support for the elderly and homelessness.

In 2019, 260 charities received over £1,000 in estimated retail value of Amazon products. In total, 56% of all orders processed by In Kind Direct last year featured products donated by Amazon.

Amazon has worked with In Kind Direct since 2007. Throughout that time we have donated products with an estimated retail value of more than £7.1 million.

In Kind Direct makes donating large quantities of goods easy, allowing companies to achieve trackable, broad impact through a single point of contact and ensuring product donations go to those who need them most.

Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council (VNC) in Liverpool is one charity that has benefited from Amazon donations last year. VNC has a history of delivering a range of support services to the local community since the early 1970s and is considered a lifeline in Northern Liverpool. VNC received a variety of product donations from Amazon, including a ViewSonic projector, footwear and toys, which were used to run some of the charity’s services and projects.

In 2017, Amazon and In Kind Direct were nominated for the “Best Partnership with a National Charity Award” at the Better Society Awards.

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