Launch of Amazon Future Engineer
Amazon Future Engineer – Inspiring computer scientists
Amazon Future Engineer is a childhood-to-career programme to make sure more students – especially those from lower-income communities – have access to computer science education so that someday they might choose to pursue a career in this exciting and rewarding field. Continue reading
Computer science and STEM education
Amazon is known for its long-term thinking and we know that coding is a key language of the future. We are committed to improving STEM and computer science education.

Amazon Future Engineer is our signature computer science programme, aimed at increasing computer science education and access to all students, especially those from lower-income communities.

Robotics Workshops in Amazon fulfilment centres

As part of the Amazon Future Engineer programme thousands of primary school children from across the UK are being given the opportunity to visit Amazon’s fulfilment centres to code robots, called Ozobots, and to tour the fulfilment centre.

Supporting and training teachers with Teach First

To boost computer science education in secondary schools, the Amazon Future Engineer programme is working with the charity Teach First to support the recruitment and training of 50 secondary school computer science teachers and the development of over 200 Teach First careers leaders.

Funding students through the Amazon Future Engineer Bursary

The Amazon Future Engineer supports two lower-income students per year studying computer science at four universities across the UK – Edinburgh, Kings College London, Manchester and Cambridge. Through the bursary scheme Amazon provides financial support of between £3,500-£5,000 per year for up to four years, as well as providing mentoring support, careers advice and networking opportunities.
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