On Friday 14th September, proud parents of Amazonians visited our London head office in Principal Place, Shoreditch, for our second ‘Bring Your Parents to Work Day’.

Putting a twist on the usual ‘bring your children to work day’, the event has been developed in response to research from LinkedIn that shows a lack of understanding among older generations about jobs in the technology industry.

The event aims to educate parents about Amazon and the products and services we offer, while also giving parents a glimpse into the working life of their children.

Hundreds of parents and grandparents travelled from all over the UK, and some from even further afield, to visit our new UK head office in Shoreditch, east London. Employees spent the day with their parents, taking them on tours of the building, explaining their roles and showcasing their work.

Parents had the opportunity to take part in a range of workshops, looking at everything from Amazon Robotics to Fashion, Music, Prime Video and Alexa, Amazon’s voice recognition software.

Ruwan Kodikara, who's worked at Amazon for over 2.5 years, said: “My parents always ask me what I do at work and how we work at Amazon - it’s been so much simpler to show them in person. It’s also been a great opportunity for me to find out more about other parts of the business, and meet other people in the business.”

Ruwan's mum, Asoka, added: “It’s been a brilliant day and this is a really clever initiative from Amazon. It was really exciting to come along today and visit such an innovative company. As a proud parent, it’s been fantastic to learn more about his career and understand more about what he's up to when at work. And it is great to see all of those decades of parenting put into action!”

“We were delighted to welcome so many parents and grandparents to our UK head office for our second Bring Your Parents to Work Day,” said Doug Gurr, UK Country Manager, Amazon. “I hope they enjoyed this unique glimpse into the inner workings here at Amazon.”