Hundreds of thousands of people work in Amazon's operations network, making sure customers can get what they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the weeks and months ahead, you’ll meet some of them through these stories.

"My children think it's really exciting that I work for Amazon and have a part to play in those lovely smiley boxes that appear on our doorstep now and again."

Helen is an Area Manager at Hemel Hempstead working everyday to ensure that staff are safe and customers are receiving their deliveries on time. She explained how proud she felt, that as a team, they have adapted during the pandemic and been able to deliver.

Helen joined Amazon via the Military recruitment program.

Meet Helen

"It's about keeping everyone safe and coming out of the other side stronger."

Kev is passionate about delivering packages on time to enable essential supplies to reach those in need. He's also a father and keen to keep things at Amazon safe so he can ensure he keeps his family safe.


Meet Kevin

"It's very important that we all work together as a team, because without the team ethic, none of this would work"

Melvyn is a valued Amazon associate and a man of many talents. He's also a DJ in his spare time and a proud Dad and grandfather.

Meet Melvyn

"Amazon is a workplace that allows you to be flexible with your life."

Fati is a Biochemistry student at Salford University. She also finds time to work as an instructor at Amazon, helping her colleagues reach their potential.

Meet Fati

How Amazon is keeping its employees safe

Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees, and we expect to invest approximately $4 billion globally from April to June on COVID-related initiatives, so we can serve our customers while keeping our teams safe.
This includes spending more than $800 million in the first half of the year on COVID-19 safety measures.

Learn more about Amazon’s focus on safety, pay, benefits, and job creation and find out more about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic through our updates here.