Across Europe, Amazon’s teams working in fashion are encouraged to think big and dive deep into challenging work that has a direct impact on the future of fashion. As well as creating inspiring content for our customers at Amazon Fashion, we use state-of-the-art technology and resources to support the development of new ideas such as StyleSnap, Making the Cut and more. Our culture of ownership, innovation and entrepreneurialism provides countless opportunities for personal learning and professional growth at Amazon Fashion.

The team is also working to help customers shop for more sustainable fashion options. Our Climate Pledge Friendly programme badges products which meet third-party sustainability certifications, and now includes selections from top brands like G-Star RAW, Tommy Hilfiger and Helly Hansen.

If you’re interested in working in fashion with Amazon, we have a wide range of rewarding roles available across Europe – take a look at the opportunities available.

To find out more about working in fashion with Amazon, we spoke to team members across Europe to discuss their work, fashion inspirations and ambitions for the future.

Elisha Shireen – Junior Fashion Editor, London

“My role is very focused on products and trends, which I love,” says Elisha. “I spend a lot of time selecting products, styling and art directing for content photoshoots – keeping up to date with trends while collaborating with creatives and stylists, it’s a dream come true!”

Elisha Shireen, Junior Fashion Editor, Amazon Fashion

By teaming up with art directors, stylists, graphic designers, illustrators, social media creators and more, Elisha is enjoying learning more and getting deeper knowledge of the creative processes across the fashion industry.

“Ever since I was little, I always loved fashion. I would even get told off at school for giving my uniform a bit of personal flair and style!

“Fashion can make you feel special,” she adds. “You can reinvent yourself every single day and express different sides of your personality. So being surrounded by creative, inspiring people in this industry is an amazing experience.”

Elisha also highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in her work: “From model casting to photographers, stylists and influencers, we ensure everything we do is inclusive and reflects our diverse customer base.”

“With Pakistani heritage myself, diversity in fashion is incredibly important to me. Growing up, I never saw myself represented within the industry – and we’re working to change that.”

“I also have the skin condition Vitiligo and working recently with a model with the same condition was a beautiful moment for me. I never imagined I would see a model with the same condition, never mind being a part of the campaign!”

Elisha’s fashion inspiration: Kate Moss – she’s just so cool, effortless and true to herself. My grandad also gave me a love for suits, tailoring and shiny shoes – in fact I still borrow his clothes! More recently, I’m obsessed with the flamboyant style of Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek.

Kevin Würz – Strategic Account & Project Manager, Munich

Kevin’s role involves working closely with fashion brands and large retailers on their growth strategy, which provides unique insights on the inner workings of major fashion brands.

Kevin Würz, Strategic Account & Project Manager, Amazon Fashion
Kevin Würz, Strategic Account & Project Manager, Amazon Fashion

“Each day is different, but I’m constantly immersed in the strategy, structure and workflow of these brands,” Kevin explains. “I’m also working on new projects with a range of teams to bring Amazon forward as a destination for fashion brands selling online. The balance of strategic account and project management makes my role super exciting.”

Amazon’s culture underpins every aspect of Kevin’s work: “Every day here is different, and every colleague is different too. We create an environment where people can be themselves, can develop and grow. Being surrounded by smart people from all around the world makes you realise how much more can be achieved and makes me proud to work for Amazon.”

“We all share one thing: a love of fashion! If you want to work in this exciting industry, you can bring your individual style to Amazon and thrive.”

Kevin’s fashion inspiration: The Spanish model and actor Jon Kortajarena – I love his combination of classic and modern trends, always elegant and chic.

Léa Dewaele – Senior Project Manager Fashion Sustainability, Paris

Léa’s day-to-day as an Amazon Senior Project Manager in Fashion Sustainability involves lots of variety.

“I’m not sure I’ve had one day that looks like the other since I started this role! Usually, it involves building and fine-tuning strategies, finding development opportunities for the Climate Pledge Friendly programme, data crunching, and of course, a bit of administrative work.”

Lea D
Léa Dewaele, Senior Project Manager Fashion Sustainability, Amazon Fashion

Despite the fast-paced nature of the job, Léa loves the work that she does. “From my perspective, there are lots of challenges and opportunities because we’re still very early in our fashion sustainability journey. This means it’s super exciting and there’s a lot of room to ideate with the team and build new projects from the ground up. I’m motivated to find what will really matter for the future of the fashion industry and our customers.”

For Léa, the opportunity to work in fashion and sustainability is a source of constant joy, having been passionate since her early years. “Growing up, I admired designers and collections. I felt fashion was a fantastic way to escape to an extremely beautiful, creative and sometimes demanding world in which I saw myself in.”

In her time working for Amazon, Léa has found herself drawn to the open culture in the company. “I love that we all feel empowered to be ‘individuals’ with our own peculiarities, flaws and interests. The Amazon Fashion team is a great place for each person to grow in the areas they are interested in, a field where there are still a lot of opportunities and most of all a positive mindset.”

Léa’s fashion inspiration: I would have to say Diana Vreeland, fashion icon and former editor-in-chief of Vogue, for her career and her creativity, Phoebe Philo for the work she did at Céline, building both a modern and feminine aesthetic, and Isabel Marant for her colourful, modern and empowering looks.

Marta Quadros Brito – Brand Specialist, London

As a Brand Specialist, Marta owns the end-to-end relationship with brands selling through Amazon, helping them to grow while focusing on strategies around five key pillars: selection, traffic, availability and operational efficiency, conversion, and business advice.

Marta Quadros Brito
Marta Quadros Brito, Brand Specialist, Amazon Fashion

“Coming from a background in industrial management engineering, I understood the production side of the fashion industry. There was lots to learn when I first joined Amazon, but my team’s support throughout has been crucial,” Marta explains.

When the opportunity to work for Amazon’s fashion teams arose, Marta jumped at the chance to learn new skills and to challenge her previous experience.

“Compared to other product lines, fashion has additional challenges like seasonality in the products we purchase, and customers also tend to have deeper, more personal relationships with their favourite fashion labels. These factors have a tremendous impact in our daily work, and I love the challenge of diving deep to understand, adapt and improve.”

Marta adds that Amazon’s working culture, particularly the Leadership Principles, play a vital role every day: “For more than twenty years, Amazon has really lived its Leadership Principles. You can see this every day, from meeting structures to hiring and promotions. We’re always working towards the same goal, our customers.”

“If you’re eager to learn, to grow and work with people from all over the world, Amazon Fashion is the place to be. And if you’re like me, with no fashion background or connections, the team will provide endless support to help you learn and to fall in love with industry!”

Marta’s fashion inspiration: Actress and model, Priyanka Chopra– I love her quote: ‘I never thought I would be stylish. For me, style is always a representation of what you want to wear but doing it in a unique way and expressing yourself. Every girl loves to be stylish.’

Isabel Blanco Ferreiro – Account Manager, Madrid

No day is the same in Isabel’s role as an Account Manager – she might be speaking with Selling Partners to define their marketing strategy and product selection, looking for the best deals for customers, or co-ordinating webinars for growth acceleration and professional development.

Isabel Blanco Ferreiro, Account Manager, Amazon Fashion

“I went to my first catwalk show aged 17 and never looked back,” Isabel explains. “How we dress says a lot about who we are, and we can also change our identity or communicate a different part of our personality.”

At work, Isabel values, “everyday contact with my team in an environment where I feel included, and where I can express my opinion without judgement. For example, I can walk into our main office here in Madrid wearing either jeans and a t-shirt, or high heels and a smart suit – but it would not make a difference to how people perceive me or my ideas.”

“If you want to work in a diverse, fast-moving and supportive environment, if you want to be challenged to become a future leader, Amazon is the place to be!”

Isabel’s fashion inspiration: I love classic styles blended with new fashions, inspired by my close friends.

Sean Shashtri Mahendran – Brand Specialist, London

“Working in such a rapidly growing and innovative industry is super exciting,” Sean explains. “I’m fascinated by the range of looks you can get from simple pieces of clothing – two people might be wearing jeans and a t-shirt but look worlds apart!”

Sean Mahendran Selfie Picture
Sean Shashtri Mahendran, Brand Specialist, Amazon Fashion

As a Brand Specialist, Sean’s day usually involves meetings with fashion brands to discuss trends and to plan new ways to improve the performance of these brands. “The biggest challenges come from understanding and applying vast amounts of new information and data to find the best course of action.

“However, all that new information is also a secret weapon – we have so many opportunities to grow and learn, and ultimately your knowledge and passion gives you huge credibility when meeting brands, and confidence to apply your ideas to new projects,” he adds.

On Amazon’s working culture, Sean has felt “comfortable and included” since the day he arrived: “I’ve also taken modules and courses on diversity, which has helped develop my working practices and ways of thinking professionally.”

For anybody considering a career with the Amazon Fashion team, Sean’s excited for the future: “Working here is a brilliant way to understand the challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry – there are always chances to have a big impact and to show the tangible impact of your work.”

Sean’s fashion inspiration: My style icons tend to have a looser fit and a ‘90s look, like Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! Maybe I couldn’t pull off his looks from the show, but he’s always been an icon for me.

Silvia Arditi di Castelvetere - Brand Specialist, Milan

Fashion has been Silvia’s inspiration since childhood as, “the most natural expression of art and beauty in our daily lives.”

Silvia Arditi di Castelvetere, Brand Specialist, Amazon Fashion

Her role as a Brand Specialist has a broad scope, from business consultancy and marketing to advertising, finance and operations: “It’s demanding, but also guarantees incredible learning opportunities every day!”

“The most challenging aspect is when you’re negotiating with external clients and stakeholders, often senior executives, and need to think strategically to define what success looks like and how we achieve it, while insisting on the highest possible standards.”

Silva adds that diversity at Amazon is, “one of the best perks of working here – we are exposed to cultures and ways of thinking from all over the world.”

“Fashion is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic areas at Amazon, so if you’re looking for a career in fashion – joining our team will be an exciting journey with many different growth opportunities.”

Silvia’s fashion inspiration: Coco Chanel – she invented a signature style that is still relevant and still empowering women today. She designed the first shoulder bag for women to leave their hands free and helped to introduce casual wear so women could feel less restricted in their clothing.

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