Luca Stanislawski from Wolvey is a mechatronics apprentice working at Amazon in Coventry.

He started his apprenticeship with Amazon in September 2017 and is working towards a qualification to become a mechanics and multi-skilled Engineer after four years of training study with Amazon and EEF in Birmingham.

Speaking about the Amazon Apprenticeship Programme, Luca said: “Amazon is very innovative and technologically advanced. It offers a wide range of opportunities because of the continuing expansion of the business and for me, that’s really exciting. The qualifications are also great, it’s just a fantastic programme to be a part of and I’m learning lots.”

I love the balance of work and learning
Luca Stanislawski

Luca hasn't always wanted to be an engineer but his innate curiosity in how things work lead him to the programme. "My interest started to grow when I was at college and I decided that an apprenticeship was something I wanted to try. I knew I didn’t want to go down the university route. I wanted a hands-on role,” he said.

“I love the balance of work and learning. The combination of theory and on-the-job learning at the Amazon receive centre in Coventry is really great. Also, no two days are the same and that’s something that I love.”

Luca is one of over 300 apprentices currently working at Amazon in the UK. Amazon has announced it will create a further 1,000 new apprenticeships for new and existing employees in fulfilment centres and development centres across the country. The new apprentices will add to over 27,500 permanent employees currently in the UK, with pay ranging from an entry level starting salary of £9.50/£10.50 an hour, up to £30,000 a year.

Nine different programmes are on offer across the country to people of all levels, ranging from IT, safety and HR through to software engineering, robotics, leadership and technology.

Two-in-every-ten new apprenticeships will be offered exclusively to Amazon’s existing workforce, providing a route from working on the shop floor through to working on cutting-edge software development, robotics technology and senior leadership roles in the business.

In addition to being fully-funded, apprentices also receive industry-leading benefits including competitive pay, employee discounts, private medical insurance and company pension plan.

Luca had this advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship, “I’d definitely recommend the Amazon Apprenticeship Programme. I think it’s the best structured apprenticeship programme for engineers in terms of what’s on offer here.”

“We’re being paid to learn and get experience. The other great thing is that Amazon is a company that encourages its employees to apply for promotions and has so many opportunities which is important to me because I want to develop my career within the company.”

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