This year, Amazon Fresh UK stores launched their new training programme; Step Up, which has been designed to give Amazon Fresh store employees an opportunity to develop the skills and receive the training needed to progress into managerial roles.

The Step Up programme gives successful applicants the chance to gain real-time experience by working hand-in-hand with store managers to learn the fundamentals of team leadership and store operations, including managerial processes.

“Developing our employees and teaching them the skills needed to progress their careers has always been a key priority for Amazon,” said Matt Birch, Director of Amazon Fresh stores. “The Step Up programme has been created with our employees front of mind which is why we want to offer them hands-on experience. We’re committed to helping our employees progress and we’re looking forward to seeing our graduates in managerial roles at Amazon.”

Hear first-hand experiences from some of our programme graduates, who are now integral Amazon Fresh store leaders and are always striving to offer our customers the best in-store experience and are helping develop the next generation of Amazon store managers.

Ntaiana Karamoutsa, Step Up Store Manager, Amazon Fresh  

After studying finance and accounting in her hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece, Ntaiana moved to London where she began applying for finance jobs. When the opportunity to apply for a job at Amazon was presented to her, Ntaiana believed her hard work ethic she developed as a professional volleyball player and the knowledge she gained while studying made her an ideal candidate for the role.


It was her position at Amazon where she realised she was passionate about the retail industry, progressing from an Operations Associate to a Lead Retail Associate in 18 months due to her operational acumen and hard work. After which, she was offered a place in the Step Up programme. Ntaiana is now running her own store as a Step Up Store Manager, and has been given the opportunity to lead a large team of associates, putting into practice her training and learning to date.

“From the moment I started at Amazon, they made it clear what was needed to ensure I could progress in my career with them,” said Ntaiana. “I encourage anyone who is looking for a company that is supportive and that respects and values their employees, to apply for a role at Amazon. The Step Up programme has allowed me to build on the management and leadership skills I learnt throughout my volleyball career and I’m looking forward to putting them to use at our stores.”

Giuseppe La Spada, Step Up Store Manager, Amazon Fresh

After ten years in the hospitality industry, Giuseppe joined the Amazon Fresh business where he was part of the team that opened the Chalk Farm Amazon Fresh store. He then moved to work at the Amazon Fresh Angel store in a Lead Operations Associate position.

Giuseppe La Spada, Step Up Store Manager, Amazon Fresh

Prior to entering the Step Up programme and as part of his training, Giuseppe became a Proxy manager, where he was offered the opportunity to shadow a store manager and understand how the store operates, which Giuseppe credits to have “pushed me to manage my time better and find smarter ways to prioritise work”. These skills were developed further, once he joined the Step Up programme, where Amazon offered unique training models to equip Step Up trainees with the necessary theory and competencies to be successful in a managerial role.

Following the completion of the programme, Giuseppe was given the opportunity to apply for the store manager role, which he accepted.

“My passion for food and strict work ethic stems from my father who owned his own restaurant and had a TV cooking show,” said Giuseppe. “He is proud of the career I have built at Amazon and the new skills I’ve learned through the Step Up programme.”

Fadi Michael, Store Manager, Amazon Fresh

One of the first graduates of the Step Up programme, Fadi Michael was working in a managerial position for a global company before joining the Amazon Fresh stores in an operations role in 2021.

Fadi Michael, Store Manager, Amazon Fresh

Fadi’s manager was eager to continue expanding his skillset, particularly in his problem-solving and people skills, and recommended him to apply for the Step Up programme. He has now completed the programme and has progressed to an official store manager role in the Hounslow store.

Fadi’s passion lies in seeing those in his team progress and says his favourite part of the role is walking in each day and talking to them.

“I heard from a number of people that Amazon was focussed on helping its employees progress and now that I’m here, I’ve found I’m continuously encouraged to progress my career, which is so satisfying,” said Fadi. “I’m grateful that now, as a Step Up manager for Amazon Fresh stores myself, I have the tools to inspire those around me to also progress their careers at Amazon.”

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