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We’ve spent some time with the amazing employees in Amazon fulfilment centres across the UK to see if they can settle the nation’s most important questions. Watch the full Chatterbox video series!

So far, employees have debated the best time to arrive at the airport before a flight and whether it’s better to unpack or keep living out of your suitcase after arriving at your destination.

The next hotly debated question? Something every single Brit has a strong opinion on – what is the correct way to make a cup of tea? Should water or milk be added first? Or should you skip sugar entirely and add condensed milk instead?

Amazon employees have a diverse range of opinions on the subject. Some prefer to use two tea bags, specifically Yorkshire tea, while others brew their tea with herbs without a sachet, the Romanian way.

The one thing most of them can agree on is that milk should not be added first!

Next, take an exclusive tour around one of the biggest fulfilment centres in the South West of England and see how Amazon fulfils your orders.