Our employees across the UK have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, whether developing new skills for their job, training for new opportunities within the company or pursuing what they are passionate about outside of Amazon through Career Choice, an innovative programme that provides fulfilment centre employees funding for adult education, offering to pre-pay 95% of tuition fees.

All of this means that we are the employer of choice for thousands of people across the country.

I Found the Right Place, is a collection of fascinating stories from our associates working in fulfillment centres across the UK, sharing their thoughts and feelings about what they like best about working at Amazon and why it is the right place to work for them. More than 500 people put pen to paper with a range of stories to tell. From chance meetings of husbands and wives, to incredible team work and new friendships; others shared the pride and satisfaction they feel fulfilling customer orders or their thanks for Amazon benefits and the difference this has made to their life.

Ten people from our fulfilment centres joined fellow employees who took part in the programme in Spain and France to visit Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. During the five-day trip to Seattle, the group of employees enjoyed a trip up the Space Needle, lots of sightseeing and a visit and tour of the Amazon campus and the robotics fulfillment center in Kent, Washington.

Andrew was one Swansea employee chosen for the trip, who joined Amazon just last year: “I genuinely love working at Amazon. Meeting and coaching new staff makes me remember the kindness, patience and help I was given when I started. It’s like working with your best friends doing something you enjoy – what a job!”

Lennard, who works at our Hemel Hempstead fulfilment centre and has worked for Amazon for 7 years, said:

“I’m so glad that I took part in ‘I Found the Right Place’. It’s reminded me that you can never dream too big. If you put the effort in and work hard enough you can achieve whatever you want and Amazon is the place to do that.

“It was so cool to see Amazon in the US. I saw lots of new ideas that we could take back to implement in my FC. Seattle is such a quirky and interesting city and I’ve loved exploring that but my highlight has been meeting the winners from other FCs and having this experience together.”

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