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In this edition, our employees are discussing the dos and don’ts of holiday planning. Like, just how early is too early for airport pints and plane snacks? And should you waste precious vacation time unpacking or simply live out of your suitcase?

Whether it’s Heathrow or Edinburgh, Birmingham International or Manchester, it seems most Amazonians can agree that the real holiday fun begins as soon as you arrive at the airport! Making time for a Wetherspoons pit stop and securing a meal deal for the plane is the top priority – which for some means showing up for a flight at least 5 hours early!

Others like to throw caution to the wind and arrive just an hour before a flight, confident in their organisational skills and comforted by the knowledge that once they’re on the plane, the free drinks and snacks will be flowing – that is, of course, if you fly Emirates.

Once you’ve stepped off the plane and turned off flight mode - what’s next? Amazonians are divided on whether to dump their bags and head straight for the pool or take their time to settle in, unpack and get rid of all the creases in their nice dinner outfits.

When it comes to home comforts, while all the essentials for a proper cup of tea may be sorely missed, it seems one thing can be agreed on: being stuck on holiday indefinitely wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world!

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