The first Amazon Fresh store in London opened in March 2021, offering customers a new and convenient way to shop for groceries, without the need to queue. With more than fifteen stores across Greater London, you now have more opportunities to try this seamless shopping experience.

Amazon is offering even more convenient ways to shop for groceries including a new partnership with Iceland and Deliveroo, and a new Amazon Fresh store in London.

Amazon Fresh stores provide everything you need, including fresh meat, poultry and fish, bakery, dairy, and fruit and vegetables at competitive prices. Customers can expect special offers and price-cuts on a variety of products in store and on our ‘by Amazon’ brand, including delicious food, freshly prepared sandwiches and meals, freshly baked bread and hot food served daily.

Amazon Fresh stores are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Find your nearest Amazon Fresh store here.

An image of the inside of an Amazon Fresh store

How to shop in Amazon Fresh

Our stores are powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology which automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves but there are several ways to enter and check out at an Amazon Fresh store.

Customers can either walk in and browse as normal or use the Amazon app to enter by simply tapping the basket, pressing ‘In-store Code’ and scanning the QR code. If you use the app, when you’ve finished shopping, we'll email you a receipt and charge your Amazon account.

At select Amazon Fresh stores in the UK, you can enter through a gateless opening without the need to scan and identify yourself – and no Amazon account is needed. Instead, once you’re done shopping, you can exit by scanning either your in-store QR code or payment card at the exit gate.

With six Amazon Fresh grocery convenience stores now open in London, find out more about the people bringing them to life

Unsure about how to enter or checkout? Just ask the friendly Amazon Fresh staff who will be happy to help.

An image of the Amazon drop-off Hub in a Fresh store

Use the Amazon Hub for free pick up and returns

You can pick up and return orders for free at the Amazon Hub Counter. All you need to do is select the Amazon Fresh store counter location as your delivery address during checkout. After receiving your pickup barcode, just head to the Amazon Fresh store you selected and collect your parcel, showing the barcode to a member of the Amazon Fresh store team at the Amazon Hub counter. Find more details about the pick up and return process.

Shopping at an Amazon Fresh store is easy, convenient, and affordable – perfect for busy shoppers. So, the next time you’re looking for a hassle-free shopping experience, why not try an Amazon Fresh store? With the extensive selection of products and services, it’s sure to make grocery shopping much easier.

Ready to shop? Find your local store and get more information.