At Amazon, there are countless opportunities to develop skills, advance in your current career or get training through our Career Skills and Career Choice programs for an in-demand field of your choice, regardless of whether the skills relate to a job back at Amazon. From dedicated associates who fulfil customer orders, leaders who support teams and skilled technicians who ensure operations run smoothly, thousands of associates across our UK fulfilment network believe they have found the right place.

Career Choice

Career Choice is available to Amazon hourly associates who have been employed for one continuous year. With this program, the company pre-pays 95% of tuition and fees for associates to earn certificates and associate degrees in high-demand occupations such as aircraft mechanics, computer-aided design, machine tool technologies, medical laboratory science, dental hygiene, solar technician and nursing, to name a few.

We exclusively fund education only in areas that are in high demand according to sources like UK Labour Market Statistics, and we fund those areas regardless of whether those skills are relevant to a career at Amazon.

More than 16,000 associates have participated in Career Choice across 10 countries – U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic – and we’re expanding the program to South Africa, Costa Rica and Slovakia.

Because of the great interest in Career Choice, we've built onsite classrooms so college and technical classes can be taught inside our fulfilment centres, making associates' participation in Career Choice even more seamless by reducing the need to commute for skill-building classes.

This program is peculiar (just like we are). In fact, it's safe to say you won't find anything quite like it anywhere else. See what Career Choice graduates like Jamie Davis say about their experience and how it’s changed their lives for the better.

Career Skills

For many years, Amazon has been focused on creating new jobs, but now we’re investing more in training our current employees and associates on the career and life skills they need to be successful. Career Skills is a free, on-site training and development programme available to all hourly Amazon employees beginning on day one. The program offers classes on a variety of skills such as resume building, interviewing skills, effective speaking, time management, spreadsheets and more. Employee development is important to us, and we offer educational programmes for our multi-national workforce to grow.

Amazon recognises the shifting industry and understands that in today’s world, it is not enough to focus solely on hiring efforts, we believe it is also our responsibility as a global corporation to upskill and train associates with the living skills needed to move into more rewarding roles that offer higher pay. We define living skills as the type of skills that allow our associates to stay nimble in a constantly changing environment and understand basic technical skills needed to assess problems. These skills not only prepare associates for the types of jobs Amazon provides but also lead to long-term careers – at Amazon or elsewhere – that pay a good salary.

Did you know that many of our managers started out in hourly roles? We have multiple employee training programmes including re-training opportunities, apprenticeships, career skills training, leader orientation, software developer training for women, Pathways Operations Leadership Development programme to develop high-potential graduates, a relaunch programme for women who had previously left the workforce to care for their families, veteran apprenticeships, a military leader program, a military pathways programme focused on high-potential leaders, fellowships, and mentorships.