Wondery, an Amazon company, the global podcast studio and network responsible for over 55 #1 hit shows globally, has launched curated and premium subscription service Wondery+ for listeners in the UK.

The service, which is available now, offers subscribers exclusive podcast content, ad-free listening, and early access to new episodes of popular shows. The newly revamped Wondery app provides a localised and curated experience for podcast fans to discover new, immersive quality content. Listeners can also subscribe to Wondery+ via Apple Podcasts.

Subscribers can access an extensive range of podcasts across all genres, with over 45,000 episodes already available to listen to completely ad-free. New seasons of Wondery UK originals, including Terribly Famous: Kate Moss Says Yes, hosted by Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini, will be available one week early for Wondery+ subscribers.

Alice Levine, from British Scandal, also hosts the brand-new UK original limited series The Price of Paradise, which follows the tumultuous real-life story of a woman who swaps her life in suburban Hampshire to buy a private island in the Caribbean. All binge-worthy episodes are now available to Wondery+ UK subscribers.

Whether it’s captivating storytelling or engaging discussions, Amazon Music is the perfect place to find your new favourite podcast for 2024.

Other UK originals include the multi-award-winning British Scandal, gripping limited series Ghost Story, Hooked on Freddie, Who Killed Daphne?, Harsh Reality, Stolen Hearts, Legacy, and The Spy Who.

The launch of Wondery+ also offers fresh releases by top UK producers, including the wildly popular true-crime show RedHanded, the hilarious Brydon&, the bizarre story of The Bachelor of Buckingham Palace, and the Elle Fanning-narrated exclusive One Click. Answers for Claudia will also join Wondery+ from Audio Always, which investigates the disappearance of British chef Claudia Lawrence. Fans will have access to this growing library of UK shows and to Wondery’s global hits like Dr. Death, Scamfluencers, Diss & Tell, Even the Rich, Business Wars, and much more.

Jen Sargent, CEO of Wondery said: “The Wondery+ UK launch extends our commitment to the UK market, building on our long-term strategy to work alongside brilliant local storytellers and talent across all genres, to deliver podcast-first storytelling with relevance and appeal to local audiences. We’re excited to offer a unique new audio-on-demand service for our UK listeners.”

Wondery+ is available now in the UK. The service is available for £5.99 on a monthly subscription or £44.99 annually. Podcast fans can join Wondery+ in the Wondery app or on Apple Podcasts.

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