Look no further for what to watch this February, Prime Video has an excellent selection of captivating shows and movies to keep you entertained. Whether you’re in the mood for a heart-warming romance, laugh-out-loud comedy or a true crime documentary, there is something for everyone to watch.

Here are the top picks to add to your watch list this month.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

A man and a woman waking side by side in a bustling market
Maya Erskine and Donald Glover in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine star as two lonely strangers working for a secret spy agency that offers them a life of espionage, luxury holidays and a beautiful brownstone in New York. But there is a catch – they are given new identities and must pretend to be a married couple as Mr. & Mrs. John and Jane Smith.

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As a married couple, John and Jane navigate a new high-risk mission every week while facing a relationship milestone. As the series progresses, their cover story becomes more complex as they start developing real feelings for each other. Mr. & Mrs. Smith features a star-studded cast including Alexander Skarsgard, John Turturro, Parker Posey, Ron Pearlman, Michaela Coel, Sarah Paulson and more.

All episodes of Mr. & Mrs. Smith are available to watch on Prime Video now.


Nicole Kidman looks at her husband Brian Tee
Nicole Kidman and Brian Tee in Expats

Directed by Lulu Wang and set against the vibrant and tumultuous tapestry of 2014 Hong Kong, Expats delves into the lives of three American women: Margaret (Nicole), Hilary (Sarayu Blue), and Mercy (Ji-young Yoo) whose lives intersect after a sudden family tragedy. The six-part limited series interrogates privilege and explores what happens when the line between victimhood and culpability becomes blurred.

Adapted from Janice Y.K Lee’s internationally best-selling novel The Expatriates, new episodes of Expats are launching weekly until the finale on 23 February.


Two young girls stand in a high school gym
Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott in Bottoms

This satirical teen comedy stars Emmy Award winner Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott as PJ and Josie, unpopular lesbian best friends who devise a plan to start a fight club at their high school to impress and hook up with popular cheerleaders Isabel (Havana Rose Liu) and Brittany (Kaia Gerber). To their surprise, the plan not only succeeds in getting the cheerleaders’ attention but also brings the group closer together while escalating violence. Soon, PJ and Josie find themselves in over their heads, and they scramble to find an exit strategy before their scheme unravels.

Watch Bottoms on Prime Video.

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Hot Mess Summer

Two middle aged men stand in a bar
Rylan Clark and bar manager Lee in Hot Mess Summer

British presenter Rylan Clark hosts a group of eight lively Brits, notorious for their wild antics on a night out. Believing they're headed to Zante for a summer of carefree fun, they soon discover they've been nominated by their fed-up friends to manage a bustling pool bar. They’re tasked with everything from mixing cocktails to scrubbing toilets. If they manage to resist temptation, they stand a chance to split a jackpot of up to £60,000.

Watch Hot Mess Summer on Prime Video.


A young girl holding a glass of wine in an airplane
Camila Mendes in Upgraded

If you’re in the mood for a romcom, you’ll enjoy Upgraded featuring Riverdale star Camila Mendes as (Ana), an ambitious intern with dreams of a career in the art world while trying to impress her demanding boss, Claire (Marisa Tomei). When Ana finds herself unexpectedly upgraded to first class on a work trip, she meets charming Will (Archie Renaux), who mistakes her for Claire. This white lie sets off a chain of events that intertwines romance and opportunity until the truth threatens to come out.

Watch the Upgraded  on Prime Video.

Puppy Love

A man laying on a bed with two dogs while a woman speaks to him by the door
Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin in Puppy Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Puppy Love stars Lucy Hale as the free-spirited Nicole and Grant Gustin as the socially anxious Max. After a disastrous first date, they agree to part ways, but their plans change when they realise that their dogs have sparked a romance, resulting in an unexpected litter of puppies. Forced to navigate parenthood together, the mismatched Max and Nicole may just discover that love is closer than they think.

Watch Puppy Love on Prime Video.

The Grand Tour: Sand Job

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are back for another adventure in this special episode of ‘The Grand Tour’.

Three older men stand next to a body of water and three cars
Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond in The Grand Tour: Sand Job

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May reunite for another adventure in this special episode of The Grand Tour, where they retrace the path of the legendary Paris-Dakar rally in inexpensive modified sports cars instead of bespoke Dakar racers. Their journey begins with the longest train ride and takes them through the Sahara Desert, where they encounter perilous river crossings, battle scorching temperatures, and navigate unforgiving sand terrain.

Watch The Grand Tour: Sand Job on 16 February.

This is Me... Now: A Love Story – Available 16 February

A woman smiling in the rain looking at a hummingbird
Jennifer Lopez in This is me..Now: A Love Story

Jennifer Lopez is back with her first studio album in a decade alongside the release of This is Me…Now: A Love Story. This genre-bending cinematic odyssey chronicles her journey to love through her own eyes. With fantastical costumes, breath-taking choreography, and star-studded cameos from Trevor Noah, Post Malone, Sofia Vergara, Ben Affleck and more, This is Me… Now: A Love Story promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Watch the This is Me… Now: A Love Story trailer and mark your calendars to see the Original on 16 February.

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy

Pale blue intergalactic aliens with four eyes and pink hair standing in a blue room
Dr Klak in The Second Best Hotel in the Galaxy

Animation fans are in for a treat with The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy which follows the adventures of Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak, two alien best friends and renowned surgeons as they tackle anxiety-eating parasites, illegal time loops, and deep space STIs. In season one, the duo embarks on a highly dangerous and potentially ground-breaking case, risking the very fabric of existence. This comedy stars Stephanie Hsu, Keke Palmer, Kieran Culkin, Sam Smith, Maya Rudolph, and Natasha Lyonne.

Watch The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy trailer and join the intergalactic surgeons on 23 February.

Married to the Game – Available 23 February

Three blonde women having drinks
Taylor Ward in Married To The Game

Step into the world of Premier League football with this six-part documentary series, which provides an unparalleled glimpse into the lives of wives and girlfriends of famous footballers, as they juggle work, family, home life and their partner’s high-profile careers. Married To The Game features Arsenal star Jorginho alongside his fiancée Catherine Harding, former Manchester City player Riyad Mahrez and his partner Taylor Ward as they plan to move to Saudi Arabia, another former Manchester City player, İlkay Gündoğan and his wife Sara as they plan to move to Barcelona, Everton defender James Tarkowski and his wife Sam and Nottingham Forrest’s Matt Turner and his wife Ashley.

Watch the trailer for Married To The Game and don’t forget to watch on 23 February.

Dead in the Water – Available 28 February

Three people walking on the dock looking ahead at some boats

From the award-winning producers of The Tinder Swindler and Don’t F**K With Cats, Dead in the Water, unravels the mystery surrounding Chris Farmer and Peter Frampton, a young British couple who disappeared in 1978 while backpacking in Central America. Their bodies were discovered hundreds of metres off the coast of Guatemala and then secretly buried in Puerto Barrios unbeknownst to their families for four decades, leaving their murders unsolved. Determined to seek justice, their families embark on a manhunt, plunging into the uncharted territory of online sleuthing, ultimately making a startling discovery.

Watch the Dead in the Water trailer.

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