In the UK and across the world, we hear how Alexa is helping customers in innovative and useful ways. From setting reminders to organising calendars and lists, Alexa is helping customers live more connected, independent and happy lives.

Below you can find some stories from customers about how they use Alexa to manage their daily activities and achieve what they want, whether it’s a dream career or living an independent life.

Ron from Dundee, Scotland

Ron is an insulin dependent diabetic with dementia and shared with us how he often forgets things. He uses Alexa to help keep track of his daily routine, which he says has allowed him to “retain [his] autonomy.”

Alexa Stories_Ron_Still 03.jpg Alexa

“One of the biggest damages [my dementia] did to me in terms of routine was it affected my confidence. When I got dementia, I really started exploring how I can use Alexa to keep me safe in my own house…I could use Alexa to slow down the process of me needing more and more direct care from people.”

You can watch Ron share his story here.

Camilla from Wiesbaden, Germany

Camilla has spinal muscular atrophy type 2, which impacts her mobility. With the help of Alexa, she is able to do daily tasks—like turn on the lamp light, control the blinds, interact with the air purifier, or see who’s at the front door—by using her voice and asking Alexa.

“There is a very strong feeling of security, just to know, while I’m not being able to move myself, that I can talk and get help.”

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“Being alone, I can now control the lamps, the blinds, the air purifier, the coffee maker. So, it means huge growth in my quality of life.”

You can watch Camilla share her story here.

Johanna from Nuremberg, Germany

Johanna is a self-employed mum of three kids balancing her sustainable clothing business and new born baby. Alexa helps her organise her home and work life with ease, connecting the voice service to her family’s vacuum, lights, and more.

TS_alexa_Johanna_Still 2.jpg Alexa

“I have to watch out for stress, making sure stress levels don’t get too high. I’m prone to migraines, which stops me from getting on with my day…Since we got Alexa, I have an easier time keeping appointments and running my own business.”

You can watch Johanna share her story here.

Michel from Pessac, France

Michel has a hearing disability, which makes telephone calls hard to enjoy with his family. He now uses Alexa to call his son and the adjusted sound has helped strengthen their bond.

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“It was really unpleasant for me when I called my son, because of the high frequencies with devices. With Alexa, because the sound is more amplified, I can have a more peaceful conversation…When I realised how easy it was to use, it was revolutionary. It brings us closer to share good moments together.”

You can watch Michel share his story here.

Rebecca from Colchester, England

Living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Rebecca told us how she often quickly forgets things. After first receiving an Alexa-enabled device from her husband for her birthday, she realized how it could help her. Setting reminders and creating shopping lists with Alexa helps to ensure she doesn't forget anything important.

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“I initially got Alexa for my birthday from my husband, [he] decided to buy it not realising how much it was going to help us…It’s almost like having a little buddy to help.”

You can watch Rebecca share her story here.

Edgar from Paris, France

Edgar is a film director, but he told us he didn’t always think that’d be the case. Living with spinal muscular dystrophy, he felt it would be challenging to pursue his dream job. Today, Edgar is living independently in Paris as he sets up his own film production company, and Alexa helps him connect with his loved ones, manage his work day to day, and live independently.

Edgar_Still 3.jpg Alexa

“It was pretty hard at first to be sure that I could do what I wanted. I had a lot of doubts actually, whether I was going to be able to do it all because it’s pretty rare for someone with my disease and a wheelchair to be able to really live alone. I’m rather reassured with Alexa.”

You can watch Edgar share his story here.

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