Opinium’s Most Connected Brands Index, surveying thousands of consumers to identify the brands that matter most to consumers, has ranked Amazon the UK’s most connected brand for the fourth consecutive year.

At Amazon, Customer Obsession is one of our 14 Leadership Principles – and arguably the most important. We are always striving to innovate on behalf of our customers and provide an experience that offers ease and flexibility of services, so we are delighted to be recognised by consumers for building meaningful connections while continuing to offer low prices, vast selection and fast delivery.

To compile the annual ranking, this year Opinium interviewed 6,000 consumers, collated 5,514 spontaneous brand mentions, and facilitated 46,256 brand reviews.

The Index focuses on identifying the brands, “that have succeeded in becoming indispensable to consumers’ daily lives.” The ranking is decided on a combination of four brand measures – prominence, distinction, emotion and dynamism – which are weighted together to produce a summary of a brand’s ability to connect with people.

This year, Amazon ranked first in the Index’s ‘Prominence’ metric, which reflects the brand’s presence in our day-to-day lives.

Amazon ranked top in the ‘Distinction’ metric, a measure of the brand’s “unique identity and ability to set trends.” The report highlights Amazon’s role in supporting customers across the UK during a challenging year.

In the ‘Dynamism’ metric, a measure of brands’ ability to “adapt quickly to meet the needs of consumers”, Amazon ranked second with the report crediting, “Amazon’s employees across the UK kept the deliveries coming whilst the nation locked down.”

John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager for Amazon, said: “This recognition from consumers as the ‘most connected brand’ in the UK for the fourth consecutive year is a testament to the thousands of Amazon employees across the UK who are focused on raising the bar every day for our customers.”

Amazon continues to invest across the UK– including the creation of 10,000 new permanent jobs in 2021 and a £10 million investment over three years to grow the skills and employability of British workers.

Read the report in full: Opinium’s Most Connected Brands Index 2021