Amazon has ranked number one for the second consecutive year in the Top 100 Most Connected Brands in the UK, according to the latest ranking launched by Opinium Research.

Now in its second year, the ranking is the only index of its kind to be compiled exclusively from consumer feedback.

Opinium surveyed 12,000 consumers, 22,000 spontaneous brand mentions and 96,000 brand reviews to rank the 100 Most Connected Brands in the UK. They say that the methodology focuses on identifying the brands that have succeeded in becoming indispensable to consumers’ daily lives by challenging conventions, building unbreakable bonds and defining how consumers interact, whilst remaining true to themselves.

The researchers first establish a master list of 100 top-performing brands based on three data streams that speak to different types of relationships that consumers have with a brand: their popularity, social media velocity and overall brand revenue.To apply a final ranking order, Opinium then surveyed thousands of consumers on four brand metrics: prominence, distinction, emotion and dynamism.

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In total, the nationally representative study analysed thousands of data points to identify Amazon as the Most Connected Brand in the UK right now.

Doug Gurr, Country Manager, Amazon UK, praised Amazon employees who work every day to build customer-centric innovations that bring new levels of convenience and choice to millions of customers around the country:

“When Amazon launched, our aim was to be the world’s most customer-centric company and a place where customers could find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

“Twenty-five years later, much has changed but our customer-centric mission has stayed the same. We constantly strive for new ways to raise the bar of customer experience by using technology to expand consumer choice and by empowering small businesses and content creators to maximise their success. And this year we are continuing to invest in technology, research and jobs – including 2,000 new jobs, bringing our total UK workforce to 29,500 people.

“That’s why we’re delighted to be recognised as the UK’s most connected, distinctive and dynamic brand for the second year in a row. By continuing to innovate on behalf of our customers, we hope to ensure that customers continue to feel connected to Amazon while enjoying the range, ease and flexibility of our services.”

James Endersby, Chief Executive of Opinium, added: “The Most Connected Brands Index is the only index that measures consumer connection. To create our Index, we went to the real experts, the people that have the power to build, definite and sometimes destroy the brands and businesses that marketeers create: the consumers themselves.“There are lots of brand ratings and rankings with different and complex methodologies. Our Index is quite simple, based on three key areas of consumer behaviour – what they think about, talk about and buy. This is what we think really matters.”

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