Amazon is proud to be a category sponsor at this year’s everywoman in Transportation & Logistics Awards, supporting the Tech Innovator Award. The awards celebrate the vital contribution women make to transport and logistics across all sectors of the industry – from freight and retail to automotive, maritime and air transport.

Now in its 16th year, the finalists for this year’s awards demonstrate the progression, accomplishments and increasing avenues of opportunity within the traditionally male-dominated industry. We’re so proud of the seven employees from our business that have been announced as finalists across a number of categories.

Meet the finalists:

Shipra Singh, General Manager for Amazon transportation

UNP Amazon 44705 LHR16 WIT Shipra Singh018

Shipra was announced as a finalist in The Freight Award category for the Leader Award, recognised for her role where she leads a team of over 200 managers. She is responsible for the transportation operations, driver experience and yard infrastructure and technology programmes for Amazon.

Currently based out of London, she has worked in the UK, Germany, Japan and India. She has an MBA from Oxford University and an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Delhi University, India.

For any women considering a career in transport and logistics, Shipra has some advice.

“I would give it a chance before fully dismissing it,” she shared. “Many people don’t see transport and logistics as a very glamorous industry, but there are so many different opportunities within it that you may not know about. Try to explore different career avenues as much as you can because you might just find that your strengths lie in the places you’d least expect."

Kris Hammond, Site Leader of Chesterfield fulfilment centre

UNP Amazon 44687 MAN4 Site Lead Kris Hammond021

Kris has been announced as a finalist for the Leader Award in the Supply Chain Award category this year. She has a master’s degree in chemical and process engineering and an MBA with distinction from Warwick University.

Prior to her career at Amazon, Kris lived in the US and worked in operations. Whilst living in the US, she started a non-profit organisation called Diapers to Desk, a charity that supports women going back to work after maternity leave.

Kris also launched Amazon UK’s first family-focused affinity group in operations called Families at Amazon when she was based at the fulfilment centre in Doncaster iPort.

Speaking on what she’s most proud of from her time at Amazon, Kris shared:

“My biggest achievement so far is organising the Amazon UK operations response to the passing of Her Majesty the Queen last year. I worked alongside delivery stations and transportation centres internally and external partners across the country to ensure that employees were given the freedom to pay their respects whilst also being sensitive to our customers.

“It was a huge success and has led to my nomination in the everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards, which I am so proud of. Following my success last year, I was also given the honour of executing the operations approach to the recent coronation of King Charles, which I’m pleased to say was a success.”

Caroline Milnes, Senior Manager for Fleet Management and Programs

UNP Amazon 44670 LHR16 WIT Caroline Milnes001

Caroline is the Senior Manager of Fleet Management & Programs at Amazon Transportation Services covering the UK and Europe and has been announced as a finalist for the Leader Award in the Infrastructure Award category.

Her team manages the full asset lifecycle, including specifications, maintenance and compliance for thousands of trucks and trailers operating in the middle mile, transporting packages from fulfilment centres and sort centres to delivery stations, for onward delivery to our customers.

Speaking on what she enjoys most about her job, Caroline said:

“I get to work with amazingly smart people who challenge me and make me think differently. I also love the freedom I get to have an idea, have it approved, put it into action and then see the results, especially when these ideas can have a really positive environmental impact.”

Isobel Maslen-Jones, Operations Manager

UNP Amazon 44698 WBS2 WIT Isobel Maslen-Jones020

Isobel joined the transportation and logistics sector after finishing her master’s in global HR management from Newcastle University. She has been announced as a finalist for the Warehousing Award category for the Leader Award. Working in a primarily male-dominated industry made Isobel determined to prove that women can do it just as well.

Working for Amazon as an Area Manager for three years, Isobel manages up to 100 employees at our Bristol sortation centre. Isobel spent years in this role learning as much as she could by taking on complex projects with a large variety of subjects and eventually became one of only 20 subject matter experts in Europe for that department. Recently she has taken up a new role that involves leading process improvement and projects across Amazon sortation centres in Europe.

Alba Morgan Martinez, Area Manager

UNP Amazon 44676 EWIT BRS1 Alba Morgan Martinez018

Alba has been announced as a finalist for the Sustainability Champion Award, which recognises a woman or female-led team making an exemplary contribution to sustainability and environmental protection within a transport or logistics company.

Alba is an area manager within operations at an Amazon fulfilment centre in Bristol. Having studied Business and French at university, she is fluent in three languages. Alba joined Amazon in 2020 as a graduate HR partner, later transitioning into the vast world of operations. She also pioneered site, European and organisation-wide sustainability-focused projects. During this time, Alba was also Chairwoman for the Women in Operations Committee for her site, leading the 2022 ‘Break the Bias’ campaign.

Being a successful woman in her field, Alba hopes to encourage young women interested in transport and logistics to “take the leap” into the industry.

“Don’t be afraid of stepping into the unknown,” she said. “The support system and available resources within Amazon are fantastic. I originally started my career at Amazon as a HR graduate, and am now an area manager in operations, showcasing that Amazon encourages the development of your career journey, even if it changes paths along the way.”

Aurore Borja, Senior Product Manager for Amazon Transportation

Announced as a finalist in The Freight Award category for the Above and Beyond Award, Aurore has sourced and deployed over 1,000 trucks, expanding the program to five countries in the past two years.

Today she leads the Fleet Intelligence team. Aurore finds the mentoring and development of others very gratifying. Her objective is now to contribute to creating a more supportive environment for future generations of women.

Sujan Sribalakrishnan, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager

Sujan has been announced as a finalist for the Male Agent of Change Award, an award which recognises a man each year for his active commitment to advancing the progress of women working in transport and logistics.

Sujan was nominated for playing a part in improving employees’ sense of belonging. He is passionate about listening to people’s stories, especially from those who come from underrepresented or underprivileged groups.

There are 13 global affinity groups within Amazon and among these are networks dedicated to supporting, connecting and empowering women such as Women at Amazon, Women in Operations, and Families@. Women at Amazon is a global affinity group for women, non-binary employees and allies at Amazon with over 80 chapters worldwide. Women at Amazon is committed to attracting, developing and retaining women in both tech and non-tech roles across all of Amazon's businesses.

Find out more about Amazon’s initiatives to support girls and women.