Amazon is partnering with Tamebay to host a series of workshops for existing Amazon selling partners and small and medium sized-enterprises (SMEs) who are interested in developing and growing their business on Amazon.

The workshops will be hosted as part of Tamebay Live, where Amazon’s industry-leading experts will be providing their best insights and advice across online advertising, developing a brand and selling into Europe on Amazon.

Tamebay 2022

Tamebay Live, a virtual event taking place 25-27 January 2022, is an opportunity for business owners and vendors to join more than 1,000 professionals to hear insights from top brands, marketplaces and merchants to get a deeper understanding of how to successfully grow your business online.

Along with being the title sponsor of the event, Amazon’s expert workshops will be part of the 25 hours of free learning and training opportunities on offer for selling partners at the Tamebay Live event.

To attend the Amazon workshops register for your free pass at Tamebay Live.

Advertise with confidence

Bianca Butler at Tamebay 2022
Bianca Butler, Senior Advertising Specialist, Amazon UK

Attend this workshop on Day 1 of the event, 25th January, at 2:35-3:25pm.

For selling partners keen to learn how advertising can help increase product visibility and boost sales, Amazon’s workshop ‘Quick tips for more effective advertising with Amazon Ads’ is essential.

During the workshop, Bianca Butler, Senior Advertising Specialist, Amazon, will explain exactly how and when to analyse and optimise your strategy to meet business goals and evaluate performance.

Bianca works within Amazon Ads, catering to international marketplaces with a focus on the UK. Her team hosts interactive webinars on every aspect of advertising with Amazon, from topic-specific sessions on keywords and bidding, to optimising and analysing campaigns for sales success.

The session will feature a special guest speaker, so you can hear how other advertisers fine-tune their ads and help boost returns. A Q&A at the end will give selling partners an opportunity to ask any advertising questions they might have.

Developing a brand

Thomas Poulain at Tamebay 2022
Thomas Poulain, Senior Marketplace Consultant at Amazon EU

Attend this workshop on Day 2 of the event, 26th January, at 3:40-4:30pm.

Selling partners who are seeking to grow their brand should attend the workshop “How to grow your brand on Amazon with our unique tools for brands owners and representatives”. The session will cover how to grow and protect your brand, enhance your brand’s presence, drive customer interest and build customer loyalty on Amazon.

Thomas Poulain, a Senior Marketplace Consultant at Amazon EU, will run this workshop and cover topics such as Listing Creation, Brand Registry, A+ content and Stores. The session will feature additional insight from an experienced selling partner who will share their experience and give best practice advice on how to effectively use these tools to grow a business on Amazon. The webinar will end with a Q&A session for those who attend.

Thomas has been recruiting and growing selling partners on Amazon Stores in Europe for nearly 2 years and has been running webinars on Amazon tools dedicated to brand owner selling partners as part of his role at Amazon.

Expanding overseas

Oscar Webb at Tamebay 2022
Oscar Webb, Senior Account Managers at Amazon UK

Attend this workshop on Day 3 of the event, 27th January, at 11:05-11:55am.

In this session you’ll learn more about Amazon’s Small Parcel Shipping solutions between the UK and EU, which will allow you to inbound inventory across the UK-EU customs border, opening up EU fulfilment programmes to access millions of additional Amazon customers and boosting sales by up to 30%.

Our cross-border small parcel shipping programmes will provide an end-to-end service to support you in easily sending inventory to one of our European fulfilment centres with faster delivery speeds and competitive rates. We’ll explain to you the details and differences of these solutions, allowing you to decide which one best fits your business goals. We’ll also save time at the end to answer your questions during a live Q&A.

The‘Expanding Your Business to Europe with Amazon New Cross-Border Fulfilment Programs’ workshop is presented by Oscar Webb, one of Amazon’s Senior Account Managers.

Day to day at Amazon, Oscar is focused on helping UK Selling Partners successfully expand their businesses to Europe by leveraging Amazon’s cross-border fulfilment programmes.

To attend the Amazon workshops register for your free pass at Tamebay Live.