Spread the word, Amazon has teamed up with small business and cult peanut butter brand ManiLife to create Mince Pienut Butter - a unique mash-up of mince pies and peanut butter. The limited edition nut butter (260g) is available exclusively from today on Amazon.co.uk for £3.99.

You can now get ‘all you want’ for Christmas with byAmazon’s new festive food range, from sweet treats to vegan delights.

ManiLife has created the first-ever peanut butter that blends the flavours of mince pies with its much-loved peanut butter to create a new Crimbo classic.

The small British business made the limited-edition spread using small batch production methods, and have made it exclusively available on Amazon. Mince Pienut Butter is one of many gifts available from thousands of small businesses this Christmas on the Shop Small Gift Finder on Amazon. The gift finder helps customers discover and support small businesses by highlighting gifts available from over 100,000 independent sellers. From foodie treats to bespoke trivia games and interior staples, there are hundreds of gifts to choose from this festive season.

“ManiLife places taste above all else with any products that we launch, so when we discussed the prospect of Mince Pienut Butter as a team, there were a few raised eyebrows!” said Stuart Macdonald, Founder, ManiLife. “But when we started playing around with the flavours, it dawned on us that we may have struck gold. This product is genuinely out of this world! Working with Amazon has been fun and fast, which is always welcomed in a business like ours!”

ManiLife Mince Pienut Butter being drizzled on a mince pie

“You can get everything you need for Christmas on Amazon, and now you can get the unique festive spread you didn’t even know you needed”, said James Bate, Director of EU & UK Grocery at Amazon. "ManiLife is one of over 100,000 small businesses that sell their products on Amazon, and Mince Pienut Butter might be one of the most exciting items available in the lead up to Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for gifts or groceries, Amazon has a wide selection of items from big brands and small businesses that offer great value and fast, convenient delivery throughout the Christmas period.”

And includes a beautiful cover of The Beatles’ “In My Life”.

ManiLife Mince Pienut Butter - Available on Amazon

Where to buy Mince Pienut Butter & other Small Business Gifts

Mince Pienut Butter is one of a wide selection of festive foods available from Amazon this year. Discover this and a variety of other items from small businesses through the Shop Small Gift Finder. The limited edition Mince Pienut Butter is available exclusively on Amazon.co.uk for £3.99, with convenient, fast delivery options available.

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