In June this year, Amazon Business – the Amazon B2B business supplies store – launched an exciting new offer for small business owners.

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping small businesses succeed, we announced that Business Prime Duo, previously £40 per year, is now free to existing Prime members who also purchase for businesses.

We understand that business buying might not be the number one focus for owners of SMEs, whose time is better spent on running their business and working on strategic priorities like brand development and growth. With Business Prime Duo, they can make their business buying easy, accessing the resources and tools they need to streamline their purchasing, save money, and increase efficiencies. This enables them to focus on what matters most: building their small business.

Amazon Business a ‘no-brainer’ for SMEs

To celebrate the launch of the Business Prime Duo offer, we took a trip to the South London home of Amazon seller and Amazon Business customer The Coconut Merchant to understand why efficiencies in business buying is so important for small business owners.

The Coconut Merchant provides the world’s largest range of coconut products from cooking oil to sugar, syrup, and honey. Now an extremely successful Amazon seller, the business attributes some of its success to the efficiencies it has gained as an Amazon Business customer.

Coconut Merchant Director Al Shariat and his team use Amazon Business to streamline their business purchasing so they can focus instead on new ways to grow and drive forward their mission to create more jobs in coconut farming communities across the world.

“As well as being a seller on Amazon, we also buy products from Amazon through Amazon Business,” said Al. “With any small business, there’s so many tasks to work through each day and limited time to get it all done. Having tech that can just take things off your mind are a Godsend.

“It takes away any of the day-to-day conversations about who’s going to get soap and toilet paper, or go to the store to buy it. We can get them on subscription so we can choose how frequently they arrive, and there’s also B2B discounts.

“Having all of this in place allows me to think about new ways of growing the company, new products, or focusing back on our farmers - whatever is important to us.”

The Coconut Merchant works closely with its farmers, packing products in local countries and creating new jobs. Al says using Amazon Business also helps his company to ensure the products they use throughout their offices align with their ethics.

“One other benefit that we have is the Climate Friendly Pledge on Amazon B2B. We can make sure that the companies that we’re procuring from match our ethical credentials.

“Using Amazon Business is a no-brainer. You get discounts, you get to choose when the products arrive, how frequently they arrive, and it simplifies the whole process so we can focus on growing our business.”

You can hear more about the Coconut Merchant’s story, and Al’s tips on increasing purchasing efficiencies to support small business growth in the video above.

How Amazon Business works

Unleashing Efficiency: Amazon Business Insights for SMBs

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