Have you enjoyed following the adventures of Lucy, Maximus and the Ghoul in Fallout, the new binge-worthy show available for free on Prime Video? Are you a new fan of the franchise, or were you already familiar with the barren landscapes of the Wasteland? Whether you're a Vault-dweller, a bounty hunter or a Knight of the Brotherhood, we've put together a curated shopping list that will zap your Fallout thirst faster than a bottle of Nuka-Cola.

Fallout - Official Tarot Card Game

The Fallout Official Tarot Card Deck

Gaze into your post-apocalyptic future with this Fallout-themed Tarot card deck, featuring custom artwork and a guidebook explaining the meaning of each atomic card.

Lucy MacLean T-shirt

A t-shirt with Lucy MacLean

Dedicated to the intrepid vault-dweller from the TV show, get ready to practice your best "Okie Dokie!".

Prime members can play some of the greatest hits from the Fallout franchise with Amazon Luna, including Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, all at no additional cost.

Vault Boy T-shirt

A t-shirt with the Vault-Tec mascot on it

For fans of both the games and series, pick up this t-shirt featuring the endlessly iconic, "thumbs-up" Vault-Tec mascot, Vault Boy.

Fallout Prydwen Model Aircraft

A Fallout Prydwen model

For all Brotherhood of Steel fans, a miniature replica of the legendary Prydwen aircraft.

Season One already ranks among Prime Video’s top three most-watched titles ever. Here’s what studio heads and showrunners have to say about the series.

Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel Mouse Pad

A Fallout mouse pad with power armour on it

For PC gamers, a customizable oversized mouse pad – we chose one with the series' iconic power armour.
Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel Patch

A Brother of Steel embroidered patch

Need to cover a rip or a stain after a close encounter with a raider? Or maybe you just want to show your allegiance to the Brotherhood? This embroidered patch is just what you need.

Fallout: Miniatures - LA Tales

A box of Fallout resin miniatuires

Featuring the three protagonists from the Fallout series (and everyone's favourite canine companion!), this set contains three 32mm, high-quality and multi-part resin miniatures with an instruction booklet on how to play "Wasteland Warfare" using your new squad of miniatures.

Fallout - "On A Stroll" Pullover Hoodie

A Fallout hoodie with three characters from the Fallout series on it

Wear the classic Vault-Tec yellow and blue colours with this pullover hoodie, also featuring stylised artwork of Lucy, the Ghoul, and Maximus!

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