Career Choice
Amazon introduced Career Choice in 2014, an innovative new education programme which pre-pays 95% of tuition and associated fees for permanent employees to undertake nationally recognised courses and funds up to £8,000 over four years. So far, over 2,000 employees have participated in Amazon's Career Choice programme, from eight different countries. Read More
Working at Amazon
If you love to build, to invent, to pioneer on a high performance team that's passionate about operational excellence—you’ll love it here.

Balancing family and work life at Amazon

Najine Collins, Agency Lead – UK, Amazon Advertising, talks about her career and life at Amazon.

Tech women are changing the world

Maths, computer science and making the tech industry a great place for women: Helen Lyashenko, Software Development Manager at Amazon, is a woman of many passions – and the head of the London chapter of the Amazon Women in Engineering affinity group.

A second chance at life

From receiving a double lung transplant to running the London Marathon, climbing Ben Nevis and finding a dream job at Amazon Web Services (AWS): when Mike Mackay got a new chance at life, he chose to make the most of it.

Our diverse economy needs innovative women

We are building on our existing diversity programmes to launch Amazon Amplify - a new programme designed to both further increase the number of women in tech and innovation roles across the UK business and help inspire the next generation of female innovators.

Join us! We’re creating over 2,500 permanent jobs in the UK this year

We are hiring up and down the country for roles in our head office, research and development, AWS and operations.

Recognising LGBT+ talent and advocacy through OUTstanding and the Pink News Awards

Amazon’s Christon Mallett was named as one of 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders 2018 in the FT OUTstanding Role Models 2018 awards. The recognition followed a week after a night of celebration at the Pink News Awards, where Amazon sponsored the Third Sector Equality Award, won by the National Trust.

Come see where we work

Have you ever wondered what happens after you click ‘buy’ on Come and have a look for yourself.

From Dunfermline to Seattle

Fulfilment centre employee, Alexandra Stewart from Dunfermline, spent a week exploring Seattle as part of the 'I Found the Right Place' programme

Celebrating flexible working arrangements

The world of work is changing with employers adapting working practices to accept and celebrate more flexible working patterns.

Amazon Flex: Empowering others

At Amazon, we believe that the most meaningful inventions are the ones that empower others. We love it when we find a new way to better serve customers and create opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Investing in the future of British talent

We’re announcing a new fully-funded apprenticeship programme, giving 1,000 new recruits and existing employees an exciting path to becoming Amazon’s future leaders, engineers and innovators.

From Coalville to Seattle

Fulfilment centre employee, Satbinder Gill from Coalville, spent a week exploring Seattle as part of the ‘I Found the Right Place’ programme

From Dunstable to Seattle

Fulfilment centre employee, Katya Karklisiyska from Dunstable, spent a week exploring Seattle as part of the ‘I Found the Right Place’ programme

From Tilbury to Seattle

Operations Apprentice, Rosie McCarthy from Tilbury, spent a week exploring Seattle as part of the ‘I Found the Right Place’ programme
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