Red Nose Day returns on Friday 15 March and as the official home of Comic Relief’s iconic Red Nose, we’d like to introduce you to this year’s brand-new collection of Red Noses – which also come in blue and, for a lucky few, 'gold'!

Stars showing of their Red, Blue, Gold Noses for Red Nose Day.
Self-esteem posing with a Red Nose for Red Nose Day.

The new Noses are guaranteed to raise a smile, as well as life-changing money for Comic Relief this Red Nose Day. The impact of poverty, conflict, and climate change continues to be felt further and wider – and Comic Relief needs our support more than ever. Money raised from every Red Nose could help to put food on plates and roofs over heads, keep little ones safe, and help support families affected by conflict and climate change.

Together with our employees, customers, and partners, we raised over £2.7 million for Comic Relief last year and we want to make this year’s Red Nose Day even bigger. We’re rounding-up just a few ways you can get involved and sharing how our colleagues across the business will be showing their support.

Where can you buy a Red Nose?

The iconic Red Nose first appeared in 1988 and since then it’s been on an exciting journey, with many different characters and designs to collect. In 2023, Amazon became the official home of the Red Nose, and this year, with the help of a few famous faces including Jayde Adams, Self Esteem, Tommy Jessop, and Vogue Williams, four brand-new Noses and a limited edition rare ‘Gold’ Nose have been unveiled as part of a new-look collection.

Stars showing of their Red, Blue, Gold Noses for Red Nose Day.
Rosie Jones posing with a Blue Nose.

The new plant-based Red Nose range is available now on Amazon and is undoubtedly Comic Relief’s funniest range to date as for the first time, they tell jokes. Helping to lift spirits across the country and make people laugh out loud, each Nose comes with a QR code that takes you to the Red Nose Day Joke Generator in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Stars showing of their Red, Blue, Gold Noses for Red Nose Day.
Paul Brunson posing with a Red Nose.

They’re also the most sustainable noses yet – plastic free and made entirely from plant-based material including bagasse, the Noses can now be fully recycled at home.

Priced from £2, there are five Noses to find and collect. Four characters, including Gigglesworth, Smirklethorpe, McChortles, LOL-E-Pops, and the Golden Hooter – a limited-edition Gold Nose.

And for families, there is a Red Nose Family Pack, which is the only way to get your hands – and nose – on all four characters, including LOL-E-Pops, our very special, Blue Nose, available exclusively in the Family Pack.

Blue nose in box.

Nick Grimshaw said:

“Red Nose Day is one of the funniest days of the year – it just makes everyone laugh and helps to raise money for great causes. It’s a special cause to me because I have such good memories of it – I just loved watching it on the tele when I was a kid and I loved that feeling of everyone doing something together for the greater good. I liked the feeling of everyone at school being involved; everyone in your street being involved; everyone around the country all watching the same night of TV and donating.”

Donate money and help change lives

As well as buying a Red Nose, supporters can visit Amazon's Comic Relief Store to discover all the ways to get involved. There’s a range of products from major brands supporting Comic Relief, including Mars, Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser, who have all made a one-time donation in support of Red Nose Day 2024. And, if you don’t have the time for fundraising, you can make a donation directly to the charity to help change lives across the UK, and around the world.

Amazon employees Do Something Funny for Money

Last year, Amazon colleagues across the UK took part in a series of funny fundraising events including a fancy dress parade across the North-West of England, a sponsored head shave in East Anglia, and silly sports days held with local schools in the Midlands.

Together, we’ve raised over £2.7 million for Comic Relief, and there’s still time left to donate.

At our London HQ, presenter and long-term Comic Relief supporter Davina McCall delivered a series of ‘Director Dunkings’, where senior executives including Amazon UK Country Manager, John Boumphrey, were gunged in time-honoured fashion. And this year will be no different, as teams across Amazon will be getting involved to fight poverty through humour and fun.

How Amazon positively impacts communities throughout the UK

Amazon is proud to have a positive impact on the communities where we operate. From partnering with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Comic Relief to support families fighting poverty through the pioneering Multibank initiative, to providing free computer science education to more than half a million students, through to the spirit of volunteering that sees Amazon staff make their communities a better place every day.

Watch out for more details about what we’re up to in the run-up to this year’s Red Nose Day and make sure you look the part and get your Red Nose now.

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