Amazon has announced the expansion of its apprenticeship programme with the addition of 1,500 new full-time positions across the UK in 2022 including over 200 degree-level apprenticeships.

Recruitment has now started for more than 40 different schemes, from engineering to broadcast production, creative digital design to warehouse team leaders and health, safety and environment technicians. The range of apprenticeship schemes reflect Amazon’s diverse workforce and the communities we serve every day across the UK.

This year, Amazon is also launching a new apprenticeship scheme focusing on environmental, social and corporate governance, giving apprentices the opportunity to gain real-world sustainability experience. Additionally, there will be new schemes available including publishing, retailing, marketing and many more.

Over 500 new apprenticeships will be offered to existing employees that want to retrain and gain skills for an exciting new career path. Amazon will also be working with Forces Families Jobs in 2022 to provide apprenticeship opportunities to military families.

Amidst a backdrop of skills shortages across the country, apprenticeships are key to equipping people with the skills they need to progress in the modern labour market.
John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager at Amazon

The 1,500 new apprenticeships highlight Amazon’s ongoing commitment to creating jobs and providing opportunities for training and upskilling across the UK. Once qualified, apprentices will have the opportunity to work across Amazon’s UK sites including fulfilment centres, delivery stations, sortation centres, the company’s UK head offices in London and Manchester and the three development centres in Edinburgh, Cambridge and London.

There are over 1,000 apprentices currently taking part in Amazon’s apprenticeship programme and more than 500 Amazon employees have already completed apprenticeships, going on to build successful careers within the company.

“We are very proud to be providing opportunities for upskilling and retraining for people of all ages, at all stages of their careers, helping to address skills gaps and increase social mobility,” said John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager at Amazon. “After the success of last year’s programme, we are pleased to be expanding to new regions across the UK and in new disciplines like corporate responsibility and sustainability. Amidst a backdrop of skills shortages across the country, apprenticeships are key to equipping people with the skills they need to progress in the modern labour market.”

“Apprenticeships give people the chance to earn while they learn and deliver the skilled workforce employers need to grow their business,” said Minister for Skills, Alex Burghart MP. “There has never been a better time to do an apprenticeship, and it is fantastic to see top companies like Amazon offering 1,500 more people the opportunity to gain the skills they need to build a successful career.”

To find out more, we spoke to apprentices across the UK who are flourishing in their roles.

Evelina Slavova, Area Manager and former Amazon Apprentice

Evelina, who lives in Dartford, joined the team at the Amazon fulfilment centre in Tilbury as an associate instructor when it opened in 2017. In 2018, Evelina secured a place on the Amazon apprenticeship programme and started the business improvement techniques scheme. She was inspired to join the programme by her family and after successfully completing her apprenticeship, she has worked across multiple departments in a number of roles and is now an area manager with Amazon in Tilbury.

Evelina Slavova, Area Manager, Tilbury fulfilment centre, Amazon
Evelina Slavova, Area Manager, Tilbury fulfilment centre, Amazon

“When I joined the Amazon Apprenticeship programme I was struggling with confidence and didn’t think I was good enough to progress,” said Evelina. “The apprenticeship gave me confidence and opened my mind to a new way of thinking, and that has been critical in helping me develop into different roles at Amazon. Since completing my course, I have achieved several promotions at Amazon.”

“If you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship, then my advice is to go for it. It has given my career an amazing boost and has set me up for many more happy years with Amazon.”

Fiona White, Team Leader Apprenticeship

Fiona works as an operations supervisor which sees her prepare the teams working at the site to deliver products to customers locally and across Suffolk. She joined the Amazon Apprenticeship programme so she could learn new skills and has been impressed by how accessible it is to people of all ages – not just school leavers.

Fiona White, Team Leader Apprenticeship, Ipswich delivery station, Amazon
Fiona White, Team Leader Apprenticeship, Ipswich delivery station, Amazon

Fiona has had a varied career, working for many organisations in different countries around the world. She spent a long time working in the banking industry and it was this role that led her into training other employees. Teaching others was something Fiona enjoyed and she carried this passion into subsequent roles with organisations including the police, the magistrate courts and telephony businesses. She’s worked across the UK, Singapore and the US and is now happily settled at Amazon in Ipswich.

“Learning new things has been fantastic for me and I’m really enjoying it,” said Fiona. “Working at Amazon and doing the apprenticeship has given me a whole new perspective on compromise and the importance of working together as a team.”

John Aitken, Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship

At school John enjoyed working on business studies projects, but when it came to deciding on a career he chose to follow his heart into performing arts. After six years in the industry working on musical production tours across the world, John ended his time as a performer on a cruise ship to settle down in Scotland with his partner.

John Aitken, Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship, Amazon
John Aitken, Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship, Amazon

Unsure of what to do next and worried that he may not be able to find another career to suit him, John was excited when he saw the chartered management degree apprenticeship advertised by Amazon. The role would mean that he could finally achieve a business studies degree whilst also earning as he learns, meaning that he wouldn’t need to sacrifice his lifestyle to return to study.

“I’m so pleased to have found a career that I love just as much as performing,” said John. “On Amazon’s apprenticeship scheme I have a supportive team behind me, modules to study that interest me and the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience of managing a team as I get my qualifications.”

“I would encourage everyone to apply - you don’t know what your potential is until you give it a shot.”

Saskia Phokou, Digital Marketing Apprentice

A typical day for Saskia involves building new campaigns, working towards future goals and catching up with other apprentices.

Saskia studied English Literature prior to the apprenticeship and has always kept an open mind about her career. After her degree, Saskia started a small online art business where she taught herself some social media skills when promoting her brand. This sparked an interest to apply for an apprenticeship in digital marketing and Saskia hasn’t looked back.

Saskia Phokou, Digital Marketing Apprentice, Amazon
Saskia Phokou, Digital Marketing Apprentice, Amazon

Saskia’s favourite thing about the apprenticeship is how it mixes learning with working, which she felt she would miss out on if she went straight into a graduate role.

“For anyone considering taking part in the Amazon Apprenticeship programme, I would say go for it,” said Saskia. “It’s a great introduction to a corporate environment and you are always trusted and taken seriously in your role. There is no age limit and anyone that wants to learn something new should apply.”

A series of webinars will also take place during National Apprenticeship Week, register at Amazon webinars to attend.

Applications are now open for Amazon’s apprenticeship programme.