“Being able to do what you love as part of your job is rare. I've realised there is plenty to learn here and so I am taking every opportunity to know more and be further involved. It's astounding how much training and knowledge I have been offered from the very beginning. What I like most about Amazon is that everyone is very friendly and cares about their area. You can't find that kind of passion just anywhere. Amazon is the right place for me because it is more than a job, it is a community.”

I Found the Right Place

Amazon associates working in fulfilment centres across the UK have been sharing their thoughts and feelings about why Amazon is the right place for them.

From associates handling customer orders, to those in HR and IT roles, these Amazonians have a passion for delivering for customers, for developing new skills, and for forming new friendships.

More than 500 people put pen to paper with a range of stories to tell. From chance meetings of husbands and wives; to incredible team work and new friendships; others shared the pride and satisfaction they feel fulfilling customer orders or their thanks for Amazon benefits and the difference this has made to their life.

We found that what all these people had in common was that like true Amazonians they ‘work hard, have fun and make history’.