Amazon has been named as one of the UK’s Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers which celebrates England’s outstanding apprenticeship employers. We are always on the lookout for curious and enthusiastic people to join our apprenticeship programmes, so we can be at the forefront of helping apprentices grow and develop their careers.

First launched in 2020, the ‘Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers’ rankings are developed by the Department of Education, in partnership with High Fliers Research, who independently assess and rank the nation’s top apprenticeship employers. The rankings are calculated based on a company’s commitment to employing apprentices, the creation of different apprenticeship programmes, the diversity of their new intake, and the number of those who complete the programme and progress further with their employer.

The Amazon apprenticeship programme is an important part of how we help upskill and retrain people of all ages and stages of their careers, helping to address the skills gap and increase social mobility.

Amazon’s position this year reflects our ongoing commitment to the Amazon apprenticeship programme, including the investment we have made into ensuring this combines theoretical learning with hands on experience, and offering 1,500 roles in 2022.

Amazon is committed to delivering excellent career paths throughout the apprenticeships and we are proud to be recognised in the top half of this year’s ranking of top apprenticeship employers.
Nicola Drury
Head of Apprenticeships UK, Amazon

In addition to offering apprenticeships to new joiners, more than 500 roles are available for existing employees, highlighting Amazon’s commitment to ensuring each of our workforce can pursue exciting career paths in line with their individual goals.

Roles pay a minimum of £10.00 or £11.10 per hour depending on the location and up to £32,000 a year for degree-level apprenticeships. In addition to entry level roles, there are over 200 degree-level apprenticeships in automation engineering, project management, software development and chartered management.

Qualified apprentices have the opportunity to work across our UK sites including fulfilment centres, delivery stations, sortation centres, our head offices in London and Manchester, as well as our three research and development centres in Edinburgh, Cambridge and London.


95 per cent of all those who completed their apprenticeships through April 2021 and March 2022 have stayed on with us in their roles full time.

“The Amazon apprenticeship programme has allowed us to create new opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds across the UK so they can gain skills in many of our teams, from logistics to robotics,” said Nicola Drury, Head of Apprenticeships UK, Amazon.

“Amazon is committed to delivering excellent career paths throughout the apprenticeships and we are proud to be recognised in the top half of this year’s ranking of top apprenticeship employers. We look forward to inviting new joiners to our apprenticeship programme as we expand and celebrate the continued success of those who have progressed into full time roles with Amazon following their apprenticeships.”

Meet one of our former apprentices - Evelina Slavova, Business Improvement Techniques Apprentice

Evelina was working as a freelance nail technician and operations manager at a cleaning company when she decided to join Amazon.

She was encouraged to apply for an apprenticeship by her manager, giving her the extra confidence she needed to take the leap. Evelina says the decision was lifechanging, helping her grow both professionally and personally.

Evilina Apprentice Photo
Evelina Slavova, one of Amazon's Business Improvement Techniques Apprentice

Following the completion of her original apprenticeship, Evelina progressed onto the team leader apprenticeship, moving to a permanent role in 2021, and has since been promoted again.

“I have loved my time on the Amazon apprenticeship programme and have learned so many new skills that will help me to progress in my career,” said Evelina. “At Amazon, you are always being encouraged to grow and succeed, and the apprenticeship has greatly improved my confidence”.

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