Creativity, entrepreneurial instinct and love of technological gadgets: this is the happy combination that helped Zamir Cajee, former director of a web development agency, succeed in launching his own online retail business and electronics brand, iQualTech, in 2012. Today his high quality, yet affordable earphones, speakers and chargers are best sellers on and delight tech lovers all over the world.

What does a day in his work life look like? Follow Zamir as he tells the story of iQualTech while checking orders in his South London office, catching up with other Amazon sellers and taking his first tour of one of the Amazon fulfilment centres where his products are stored, packed and shipped to customers.

At the end of his day Zamir cooks dinner with his wife and two kids: “I love the fact that while enjoying spending time with my family, I am still able to run the business. This truly is the life-work balance I had always dreamed of.”