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2021 UK SME Impact Report
Find out how small businesses are able to thrive and grow on Amazon. Read More
Empowering small businesses
The most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity—to pursue their dreams. These are the stories of the inventors, authors, and small business owners who are transforming their lives with Amazon.

A masterclass in growing your business on Amazon at Tamebay Live 2022

As well as being title sponsor of the event, Amazon will present educational masterclasses designed to help sellers grow their business on Amazon

Amazon and Sauce Shop cook up a Cranbanero Hot Sauce to fire up the festive season!

Amazon has teamed up with Sauce Shop to deliver a cranberry and habanero combination to tantalise customers’ tastebuds.

Amazon Handmade reveals rapid growth in artisanal businesses as Brits quit the 9-5 in favour of crafty careers

To celebrate the rise of artisans across Britain, Amazon Handmade has gifted three makers free 3D billboards to help raise awareness of their bespoke handmade products

Grow your brand with Amazon’s European Brand Owners Summit

Amazon’s European Brand Owners Summit is a two-day conference for Brand Owners across Europe, featuring free virtual events which demonstrate how to leverage your brand on Amazon.

Amazon Small Business Accelerator has now supported more than 200,000 startups and small businesses to build digital skills during COVID-19

New research for Amazon reveals 81% of UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) invested in digital skills over the past year spending an average of 5% of turnover.

Publish your book

We believe that if you write a book, you should be able to publish it. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) empowers you to do just that—it's an easy-to-use self-publishing service that lets anyone who has a story publish it. Whether it's a book you wrote years ago or a short story you wrote last month and want to share with readers, KDP empowers writers to bring their work to readers in Amazon Stores around the world in ebook and paperback.

Jobs and skills

A blueprint for private and public sector partnership to stop counterfeiters

On the one-year anniversary of its launch, the Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit celebrates its successes and highlights the key impediments to holding more counterfeiters accountable.

Get your movie or series made

Since launching in November 2010, Amazon Studios has been an avenue for hugely talented writers and filmmakers to break into the entertainment industry. If you're an aspiring filmmaker or screenwriter, you can submit your ideas for movies and original shows. And, unlike the traditional path for these careers, you'll get real-time feedback—from customers. If customers love your idea, it can be made into a feature film or episodic series.

Small British businesses use Alexa to innovate

Laundrapp, a dry cleaning business in London, uses Alexa to innovate in a 150-year-old industry.

Amazon Brand Protection Report

Report shows Amazon’s progress in driving counterfeit to zero in our store

Next up for Amazon UK employees: build your own small business delivering Amazon packages

The program continues Amazon’s long-time commitment of empowering employees to pursue career aspirations
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