Claire Doherty
Meet Claire: one of three women selected for the Amazon Women in Innovation Bursary
Claire Doherty is one of three women in the UK to be selected for our Amazon Women in Innovation Bursary, which provides funding for up to four years of university as well as access to an Amazon mentor, to encourage women to pursue a STEM career. Read About the Amazon Women in Innovation Bursary
Amazon in the community
The Amazon in the Community programme supports seeks to help children and young people reach their potential in today's digital world.

By giving less advantaged children and young people support, we want to play a role in improving their development, educational attainment and career prospects, ultimately helping them to lead better lives. As our world is becoming ever-more powered by digital technology, we want to ensure that the next generation has the right skills, capabilities and career opportunities to prosper.

Magic Breakfast

Giving children a healthier start to the day

In Kind Direct

Donating millions to help children’s charities and other causes across Britain

Giving locally

Supporting our local communities

Amazon Women in Innovation Bursary

Helping female students into STEM careers with Amazon Women in Innovation Bursary

About Amazon in the Community

Helping children in the UK reach their potential in the digital world.

AWS re:Start

Training young people in digital skills with AWS re:Start

Design a Drone competition

Giving primary school children a taste of being innovators


Helping children to read
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