Twelve early-stage startups will join the first ever Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator to help them scale their businesses, following more than 1,200 applications from across the UK and Europe. Each Accelerator startup is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products, an increasingly important factor in securing funds from investors.

The first Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator startups are:

  • adrop (Germany) – a refillable hand sanitiser startup made from 100% natural ingredients, using recycled materials in their packaging
  • baybies (Germany) – vegan, gender-neutral baby care products on a mission to save the planet for kids
  • Cleannest (UK) – a digitally-native nappy company blending high performance sustainable materials with a long-term vision to create a 100% biodegradable diaper
  • ETHOSA (UK) – waterless, powder-to-gel shower products designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind
  • Grub Club Pets (UK) – naturally hypoallergenic, vet-approved, insect-based pet food that delivers the nutritional goodness of regular meat, without the carbon footprint and meat-related allergies
  • Home Things (UK) – refillable and sustainable home cleaning products to help people minimise single-use plastics
  • KLIR (UK) – a research-based supplements brand to boost brain function, building sustainability into each step of their supply chain, from sourcing to packaging
  • Laundry Leaves (UK) – waterless laundry detergent sheets that replace plastic bottles and can be shipped more sustainably than heavy traditional detergent
  • OMNI (UK) – vet formulated and nutritionally complete plant-based pet food which uses less land, water and creates fewer greenhouse gases compared to meat-based equivalents
  • Skingredients (Ireland) – a natural skincare brand with a refillable, recyclable packaging system
  • SURI (UK) – electric toothbrushes which are reusable and repairable, with replaceable heads made from plant-based materials
  • YOKUU (Belgium) – waterless, probiotic-based cleaning products

The Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator will provide startups with a support package worth more than £30,000 through an equity-free grant, AWS Activate Credits and Amazon Advertising credits, together with expert mentorship and a tailored curriculum through the Accelerator.

Shiv Sivakumar and Dr Guy Sandelowsky_Omni
Shiv Sivakumar and Dr Guy Sandelowsky, Omni
Morgan Mixon and Rima Suppan_Cleannest
Morgan Mixon and Rima Suppan, Cleannest
Janthe De Nil, Loes Van Grinsven and Joris Jansen_Yokuu
Janthe De Nil, Loes Van Grinsven and Joris Jansen, Yokuu
Matthew Aubrey_Homethings
Matthew Aubrey, Homethings
Morgan Mixon, Cleanest
Morgan Mixon, Cleanest
Alessandro Di Trapani_Grub Club
Alessandro Di Trapani, Grub Club
Hugh Petit_Grub Club
Hugh Petit, Grub Club
Colin Hutchison_Laundry Leaves
Colin Hutchison, Laundry Leaves
James Levy-Vassie_Klir Mind
James Levy-Vassie, Klir Mind
Gaelle Chatelard and Oliver Ludwig_Ethosa
Gaelle Chatelard and Oliver Ludwig, Ethosa
Christina Antonie Reh_Sophia Sauter and Simone Paschedaq_Baybies
Christina Antonie Reh, Sophia Sauter and Simone Paschedaq, Baybies
Gyve Safavi, Mike Peters, Mark Rushmore and Harry Brannan_SURI
Gyve Safavi, Mike Peters, Mark Rushmore and Harry Brannan, founding team at SURI
Julian Hernichel and Kevin Siebers_Adrop
Julian Hernichel and Kevin Siebers, Adrop

Startups will join the dedicated Accelerator space at Amazon’s London headquarters for the duration of the programme, receiving free access to Amazon Launchpad for a year which includes strategic account support and marketing benefits.

All Accelerator participants will complete a Climate Impact Assessment by Impact Forecast to help ensure their products are quantifiably more sustainable than what is currently available. This will also help them consider new ingredients, raw and recycled materials, and other innovations to develop and offer more sustainable products.

New independent research from Amazon shows 70 percent of early-stage investors are requesting more detail on the sustainability strategy of startups before they decide to invest. The research also showed that 83 percent of the investors surveyed said they want to invest in more environmentally sustainable startups, and those companies with a strong sustainability profile will often command a 16 percent valuation premium, underlining the opportunity for entrepreneurs who are building more sustainable products and businesses.

An overwhelming majority (85 percent) believe startups perform better in the long-term if they have sustainability and purpose built into their business models from the outset. Those investors say the biggest challenge facing startups in the next year will be ‘accessing and securing finance’ (38 percent), followed closely by ‘mitigating or lessening their environmental impact’ (36 percent). More than half (59 percent) of early-stage investors surveyed in Europe said they have declined an investment opportunity in the last year due to sustainability concerns.

“Entrepreneurs are finding ways to turn the challenge of climate change into a growth opportunity, and investors are backing those startups with sustainability in mind from the outset, moving away from businesses where those credentials are missing,” said Aditi Singh, General Manager, Amazon Launchpad, Europe.

“This is where the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator comes in – we have designed a programme to help founders start and scale more sustainable product-based businesses with expert-led virtual workshops, specialised mentorship, a tailored curriculum, and access to a network of like-minded founders. We are excited to welcome our first Accelerator group. Impact can only happen at scale, and scale will only happen if businesses large and small are choosing to lead at pace.”

Aimee Apel, Accelerator Lead, EIT Climate-KI, said: “Investors perceive climate-positive businesses as more likely to deliver on financial performance, and more frequently, they are being pressured away from companies that don’t demonstrate sufficient impact potential.”

“We have selected a stellar cohort of startups for our first Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator, and we are looking forward to helping them navigate these complexities and ensure they are sustainable from the start by accessing the support, grants and visibility they need to scale.”

Learn more about Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator.