Amazon has published its UK SME Impact Report which highlights how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) selling on Amazon have created 250,000 jobs across the UK to date. Many small business owners have been able to adapt to recent challenges and thrive online for the first time. Over 15,000 UK SMEs selling on Amazon surpassed £100,000 in sales last year, and over 700 reached sales of £1 million or more for the first time.

More than half of all physical product sales on the Amazon store in the UK are from independent selling partners, most of who are small and medium-sized businesses. More than 85,000 UK SMEs now sell on Amazon – up more than 25% year-on-year. These businesses reached hundreds of millions of customers around the globe in 2021 – more than half of UK-based sellers exported to another country. They also sold more than 950 million products on Amazon, up from 750 million the year before, which is equivalent to more than 1,750 products a minute on average.

The SME Impact Report shows many small businesses are proving resilient, and thriving against a challenging backdrop, with continued sales growth at home and abroad by using Amazon’s world leading services to help them.
John Boumphrey
UK Country Manager, Amazon

SMEs are increasingly seeing success from selling on Amazon’s stores, supporting regional economies and communities. Many of these businesses are located outside of London – for example, North West England now has more than 12,000 sellers, up 35% compared to the year before; Wales has over 2,500 sellers, up around a third on the year before; and Scotland has around 4,000 sellers, up around 30% on 2020. Across major UK cities, SMEs based in Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow selling on Amazon recorded some of the highest average annual revenues, surpassing the average annual revenue of London-based sellers.

Funky Soap Founder - Anni Kriesche Economic Impact
Anni Kriesche, Funky Soap Founder with some of her products
Funky Soap Economic Impact
Photo by Anni Kriesche, Funky Soap Founder with some of her products
Funky Soap Economic Impact
Anni Kriesche, Funky Soap Founder with some of her products

Last year around 50,000 sellers in the UK used Amazon’s fast shipping and inventory management service, Fulfilment by Amazon, and grew their sales by 25% on average. Amazon Business, the professional procurement solution, helped tens of thousands of UK sellers reach more than five million businesses worldwide, selling around 20 million items across office supplies, hospitality, healthcare, maintenance products and IT goods, generating over £400 million in sales.

Through the hundreds of tools and services Amazon offers, and programmes like Amazon Launchpad, Amazon provides small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs with tools and opportunities to succeed. This extends beyond selling their products online, to include running delivery and logistics companies, using the cloud to launch and scale their businesses, creating voice apps, or publishing their own books.

An upgrade to the Amazon Small Business Accelerator

Amazon has also launched an upgraded Amazon Small Business Accelerator. More than 600,000 businesses have accessed the Accelerator since it started more than two years ago, in partnership with Enterprise Nation, launched as a direct response to the impact of the pandemic on the startup and SME community, with the aim of helping more than 200,000 businesses of all sizes to start and grow online.

“Supporting UK small businesses to fulfil their potential remains an essential part of what we do. Today we’re proud to launch our revamped Amazon Small Business Accelerator, which will help even more small businesses across the UK. Many people told us the Accelerator was the catalyst for them to start a new business during and since the pandemic, so we are excited to see how many more we can reach with new content, events and partners,” said John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager, Amazon.

“In addition, the SME Impact Report shows many small businesses are proving resilient, and thriving against a challenging backdrop, with continued sales growth at home and abroad by using Amazon’s world leading services to help them.”

David Gutfreund, Founder and Director at The Light Factory
David Gutfreund, Founder and Director, The Light Factory

The Amazon Small Business Accelerator will serve the evolving needs of the UK’s thriving small business community, hosted on as an accessible and free-to-use suite of resources for all startups, entrepreneurs and small or medium-sized businesses. Current and aspiring business leaders can now access more than 20 courses and 50+ videos of content on topics like how to build a business online, supercharging operations, growing sales and creating a social media presence, bringing the best in class from the country’s small business experts and Amazon leaders.

“Amazon Masterclasses” will help people learn from the company’s senior leaders about decision making, innovation, customer obsession and more. The Accelerator will also welcome new partners, including Be the Business, Planet Mark, and The Federation of Small Businesses delivering online content and specialist in-depth workshops and bootcamps as part of the upgraded offer. Starting tomorrow, Planet Mark and Amazon will host roundtables on how small businesses can improve their packaging, operational emissions and materials innovation; later this year, The Federation of Small Businesses and Amazon will run events focused on the protecting businesses from fraud, managing finances and fundraising processes.

This exciting partnership enables us to help SMEs on their path to net zero, while educating them on the benefits of embedding sustainability into everyday business practices.
    Steve Malkin
    CEO of Planet Mark

    “As well as helping SMEs grow and succeed, this exciting partnership enables us to help SMEs on their path to net zero, while educating them on the benefits of embedding sustainability into everyday business practices and how this can help drive performance,” said Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet Mark. “Planet Mark has helped hundreds of SMEs embrace sustainability and cut carbon, and now working with Amazon and partners we look forward to helping thousands more small businesses thrive while also making a difference in our fight against climate change.”

    “As we enter difficult economic waters ensuring the next generation of business leaders have the training, insight, and resources they need to innovate and thrive will be fundamental to protecting jobs and ensuring the UK can bounce back,” said Julian David, techUK CEO. “The Amazon Small Business Accelerator is, therefore, an important and consequential initiative. techUK is proud to work with over 500 SMEs in our membership and thousands more across the tech sector, we will continue to back initiatives such as the Accelerator that can help them fulfil their full potential.”

    Toddle Born Wild - Founder  Hannah Saunders Economic Impact
    Hannah Saunders, founder of Toddle Born Wild

     “It’s always good to see companies like Amazon play a role in supporting our smaller businesses to improve their online presence and reach,” said Caroline Lavelle, Chief Commercial Officer, The Federation of Small Businesses. “We hope that many of our members will find this useful.”

    Meet some of our UK sellers

    Dominique Woolf, founder of The Woolf’s Kitchen, is one of the more than 85,000 UK SMEs selling products on Amazon. In June 2020, Dominique, a professionally-trained chef, created a range of sauces inspired by her Thai heritage and started selling to independent farm-shops and delis. Later that year she joined an Amazon Small Business Accelerator bootcamp which inspired her to start selling online.

    Dominique Woolf, Founder Woolf's Kitchen Economic Impact
    Dominique Woolf, Founder Woolf's Kitchen

    “The bootcamps highlighted the true benefits of Amazon and ecommerce – they provided the fundamentals in how to grow a small business online, and then provided a load of free resources which I’ve been able to access regularly,” said Dominique. “The Accelerator also made selling on Amazon much less daunting. As the first port of call for most of my customers, my business has grown substantially on Amazon. I would definitely recommend anyone trying to scale their business to consider looking into the new Accelerator and signing up.”

    David Gutfreund is the Founder of The Light Factory, an online retailer of lighting for the home, and builds the business with Simon Haughton, the Marketing Director of the brand.

    “We’re passionate about helping customers to enhance their homes with fantastic lighting, and with Amazon’s support we have been able to grow our business and reach even more homes around the UK,” said David. “We have been able to pilot initiatives in partnership with Amazon, providing mutual benefits and learnings. One such project resulted in our Manchester warehouse being approved to offer the Amazon Prime Badge, which means we drive volume through our own infrastructure, with Amazon’s support on the logistics. This partnership has allowed us to continuously invest and grow The Light Factory, and we feel privileged to now employ more than 100 people from the local area.”

    Eddie Latham is the founder of Majority Velocity Commerce, a direct-to-consumer seller of digital radios and speakers.

    “You look at the number of units that we are selling each year and the customers we’re reaching with such a small team, and it’s nothing short of a miracle,” said Eddie. “Being able to rely on Amazon’s fulfilment capability has been invaluable. Majority has recently been awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade, a prestigious award in the UK. Fulfilment By Amazon has been a huge benefit for us, and this award would have not been possible had we not joined Amazon’s European exporting initiatives. Amazon has made scaling the business very easy – 100% of our international sales over the years have by selling on their online stores.”

    Eddie Latham and PJ Scott, Co-Founders, Major Velocity Economic Impact
    Eddie Latham and PJ Scott, Co-Founders of Major Velocity Economic Impact

    Hannah Saunders is the founder of Toddle Born Wild, a natural, vegan children’s skincare brand.

    “When I had my first son, I really wanted him to share my passion for the outdoors, but I found he got very bad windburn on our trips. I couldn’t find anything on the market to help, so I started to make my own balm at home,” said Hannah. “Amazon has been absolutely key to us succeeding as a business, particularly with physical retail taken away from us during pandemic restrictions. On average, 40% of our revenue has been through Amazon, and this has enabled us to recruit more people, to scale and grow. We have also started exporting through Amazon into the EU, and we are now about to launch on in the US. Amazon has made exporting so much easier, especially using the free VAT services through Amazon Launchpad. Being a part of Launchpad has given us access to an Account Manager who has been invaluable with helping us gain a greater understanding of how best to utilise Amazon and get the most from it.”

    Read the Amazon SME Impact Report.