We are delighted to announce our role as a lead supporter for National Numeracy Day.

National Numeracy Day is an annual nationwide event that helps to reframe attitudes and abilities around numeracy in everyday life. This year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been turned into a Virtual Festival.

At Amazon, numeracy is vital for our workforce of builders, inventors and innovators. From online shopping suggestions to Fulfilment Centres and delivery routes, numeracy underpins every stage of your Amazon order.
Doug Gurr, Head of Amazon UK - Why Numbers Are Important

“As I talk to other business leaders, I’m reminded that a solid understanding of numeracy can be a vital asset for virtually any job in the future world of work,” said Doug Gurr, UK Country Manager for Amazon. “That’s why I’m personally so passionate in supporting National Numeracy Day, which is helping all of us in Britain to improve our numeracy.”

“Each area of my career has involved problem solving and none of that would have been possible without a good grounding in numeracy”, added Fiona McDonnell, Director, Amazon. “Growing up, I loved number-driven subjects and the joy of applying mathematical principles to build real things – like a circuit to power a lightbulb. Those ‘eureka’ moments set me on a fascinating career path.”

Here are five ways to get involved with National Numeracy Day that will inspire you to refresh your numeracy skills.