On September 18th and 19th this year, UK employees will join the global #AmazonGoesGold movement by hosting gold-themed #PJammin® parties to support local families affected by childhood cancer. The theme pays tribute to brave children with cancer, who can spend months or even years in their pyjamas during treatment and recovery. A gold ribbon is the international symbol for childhood cancer awareness.
At Amazon’s public tour sites customers are also invited to join us on a PJammin® tour with Amazon donating £5 to Children’s Cancer Leukemia Group for every guest in PJs.

Public tour sites will also be hosting special Camp Amazon: Gold Edition STEM events for children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals. Camp Amazon invites children and their families to take part in coding workshops and hands-on STEM activities as well as experiencing a Fulfilment Centre tour and seeing robotics and technology in action.

The first event kicked off on Friday 13th September at Amazon Doncaster in partnership with Sheffield hospital.

Stefano Perego, VP Amazon UK Operations said: “We want every child affected by childhood cancer to imagine the future innovator in themselves and to continue building and imagining. Camp Amazon: Gold Edition provides the tools and resources for children with cancer to do this through hands-on activities and the chance to see technology at work in our buildings and how creative thinking is critical to Amazon Operations.”

Vicky Bramall, visiting with Sheffield hospital, added: “As a parent of a child with cancer the #AmazonGoesGold movement means so much. I’m really glad that the work at Sheffield hospital is being recognised and that Amazon is helping to raise awareness for childhood cancer. My children Deakon and Lilly have had had such a special day at Amazon, it’s been inspiring for them to take part in the robotics workshop. Thank you.”

Children with Amazon boxes for Goes Gold Doncaster
Doncaster fulfilment centre group shot
Photo by Dominic Martin
Children at Amazon Goes Gold event Doncaster
Amazon Goes Gold at Doncaster fulfilment centre
Amazon staff and children at Doncaster fulfilment centre
Amazon staff member with children at Amazon Goes Gold event
Photo by Dominic Martin
Photography by Dominic Martin http://instagram.com/domdommartin | www.dommartin.co.uk
Amazon Goes Gold campaign in Doncaster
Amazon Goes Gold Event - Doncaster
Amazon Goes Gold event paint wall
Children at Doncaster fulfilment centre

More than 300,000 children around the world are diagnosed with paediatric cancer each year and it is the number one non-communicable disease causing the death of children around the world. This is the second year that Amazon in the UK has supported Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and this year #AmazonGoesGold expands beyond the UK and North America to Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan and Australia to bring greater awareness about childhood cancer globally.

Over the course of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Amazon in the UK will donate more than ÂŁ100,000 to local UK hospitals, charities and research organisations. More than $4 million will be raised globally in the fight against childhood cancer.

Find out more about some of the organizations Amazon Goes Gold is partnering with this year, and how you can get involved.