Are you searching for the perfect picture book for a little one in your life? Look no further than these five award-nominated illustrated children’s books.

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This year’s Oscar’s Book Prize, which is supported by Amazon and the Evening Standard, boasted a shortlist of five magical books with something for everyone. From tales of love and loss to laugh out loud stories featuring loveable characters, these books will delight children and adults alike for years to come.

When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

- Sean Taylor, illus. Zehra Hicks

An image of When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

The winner of the 2024 Oscar’s Book Prize, When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth is a fun tale about the intrepid journey of a little dinosaur named Smallasaurus, who simply wants to enjoy her plant-based diet in peace, but goes on a big adventure along the way.

This witty and vibrant book brings the prehistoric period out of the classroom and into the present day, complete with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

Gina Kaminski Saves the Wolf

- Craig Barr-Green, illus. Francis Martin

An image of Gina Kaminski Saves the Wolf

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Certainly not Gina, as she takes the narrative lead and challenges the traditional tales we are told.

This book is an empowering retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a confident, autistic character at its heart. It is ideal for encouraging every child to be the hero of their own story and puts a modern, inclusive spin on the childhood favourite.

The Hare-Shaped Hole

- John Dougherty, illus. Thomas Docherty

An image of The Hare-Shaped Hole

A poignant and touching picture book, The Hare-Shaped Hole gently explores themes of grief and loss.

This moving picture book tells the story of Hertle and Bertle, a turtle and a hare, who were best friends until Hertle disappears for good. Teaching children to cope with loss, this book reinforces the message that things will always get better.

Geoffrey Gets the Jitters

- Nadia Shireen

An image of Geoffrey Gets the Jitters

We’ve all felt that jittery feeling and for Geoffrey it all started last night when he was thinking about school - a funny, wiggly feeling in his tummy that grew and grew. But when Geoffrey's tummy jitters started talking to him - that's when he knew he had to do something...!

Nadia Shireen’s laugh out loud story follows a loveable character who helps children (and adults!) understand their anxieties and dispel them, one jitter at a time.


- Rob Biddulph

An image of Gigantic by Rob Biddulph

A powerful story of the smallest whale in the Atlantic Ocean who faces a giant task.

Bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator Rob Biddulph tells the story of one very small and determined blue whale who is called upon to save the day.

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When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth topped the shortlist at this year’s Oscar’s Book Prize and saw the author and illustrator take home the £10,000 literary prize.

The award, now in its eleventh year, was set up by James Ashton and Viveka Alvestrand - named in memory of their son Oscar, who was three-and-a-half when he died from an undiagnosed heart condition - and celebrates the joy and magic picture books can bring to young children.

Throughout April and May, Amazon and Oscar’s Book Prize has donated this year’s shortlisted books to schools and nurseries across the country via the Amazon Reading Volunteer network, who have also supported on the ground with group reading sessions to inspire young children through the magic of reading.

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