Formula 1 racing has unveiled a new on-screen graphic called the ‘Battle Forecast’, the latest in the series of F1 Insights powered by AWS.

With 120 sensors on each car generating more than 1,500 individual pieces of race information per second, Formula 1 is a truly data-driven sport where much of the thrill comes from exciting details on performance statistics.

Let the battle commence

The ‘Battle Forecast’ graphic uses AWS’s machine learning and data analytics to give the audience unique insights into driver battles as they develop during the race.

A huge range of data sources are gathered to build the graphic, including information about live race times, tyre compounds, weather, pit stops and historical data about battles and outcomes of attempted overtakes.

As the chasing car gets within striking distance, the graphic will display an ‘overtake difficulty’ rating, helping fans understand the likelihood of the chase concluding in a successful overtake. It all helps build anticipation for some of the most exciting action in a Formula 1 race.

Working together, these data sources build new insights in an engaging and digestible format. The information is delivered direct to broadcasters via the Formula 1 International Feed, enabling commentators to share detailed analysis as the action unfolds – and giving them advance notice that an overtake is about to happen.

65 years of historical race data

Formula 1 has been using AWS to run high-performance compute workloads in a scalable environment.

This enables Formula 1 to extract critical race performance statistics, make race predictions and give fans insight into the split-second decisions and strategies adopted by teams and drivers.

65 years of historical race data are stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security and performance. Formula 1 data scientists have also trained deep learning models using Amazon SageMaker to power insights by capturing and delivering data.

Visit the F1 Insights page for more information on how Formula 1 is using AWS analytics and machine learning.