A short story from Amazon Original Stories, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, packed full of dark wit and delectable secrets, Margaret Atwood's Cut & Thirst has arrived on Kindle Unlimited (and Prime Reading) for fans of Atwood's characteristically compelling writing.

In a tale as sharp as aged cheddar, Myrna, Leonie, and Chrissy convene weekly, not just for cheese tastings and academic reminiscence, but also for murderous plotting. Their target? A pack of male poets who schemed and succeeded in sinking the confidence and career of their dear friend Fern, long ago.

International bestselling author Ian Rankin is synonymous with crime fiction in the UK, with his famous Inspector Rebus novels bringing Scottish noir stories to readers across the world for almost four decades.

Now, with Fern ailing, the trio concocts a clandestine scheme of Shakespearean proportions to right the wrongs inflicted upon their friend. But revenge, like a fine wine, proves complex and potent, and the three women must carefully navigate the tangled web they’ve woven. Margaret Atwood, with her delightfully wicked sense of humor, reminds us that friendship is about showing up for each other—even when nothing goes as planned.

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