In 2019 AWS announced seven new renewable energy projects in Europe, in the form of unsubsidised Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs). These renewable wind and solar projects will deliver clean energy into the grids in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, and Spain, at no cost to consumers in any of these countries. In total, these projects add up to 572 megawatts.

That’s the equivalent of powering almost half a million average homes in Europe annually.
Solar panels on top of a large building.

In the past, public funding has often been essential to help develop the renewable industry to ensure the technology can be cost-effective enough to challenge fossil fuels. Projects like these demonstrate how renewable energy can, and is, standing on its own. It means companies like us are helping to make power systems across Europe more renewable, to reduce CO2 emissions, and to save European consumers money on their energy bills.

And we’re not only doing this in Europe. In 2019 we announced a number of new renewable energy projects in the United States. You can find out more about these projects, and why it’s greener in the cloud, here.

We’re excited to be announcing more renewable energy projects in 2020. In the meantime, here’s more on the seven we announced in Europe last year: